Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dollar Bin Horror Re-Visits:Friday the 13th Part V-A New Beginning(1985)

By Eric Polk-

I spoke of rewatching what was a staple of my horror movie viewing back in the magical '80s on both VHS and Cinemax(oddly enough, they'd all show this film just before their After Dark schedule). Like almost all F13 fans, I, too, detested this film. It was pointless, silly, and had, without a doubt, a major bs ending.
But I put on again last week after a long night at work, and you know what Reaplings? I enjoyed it! I see it now as  a cheeseball unintentional laughfest. The redneck woman and her son? The two dudes who can't get their car started? The poor heavyset kid who just wanted to help? There are some scenes that I find reminiscent of my favorite 80s cheesefest slasher, Slaughter High.
Of course this isn't a masterpiece. I'll never equate this to the original F13, but I will say I can safely move this off my bad horror movies list and put on my so bad it's good one.

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