Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dollar Bin *Censored*: Why I Hate *Censored*

Have I told you how much I hate_____. It's one of the worst ever made. ______ is a huge piece of_____ .....

This is a prime example of what can happen of the SOPA Act is passed. It is currently scheduled for a vote in 6 short days in the House of Representatives. If you cherish your freedom to use the internet as you see fit, please click the link below and then call your local representive to have this atrocity of legislation STOPPED!!!!!

You may not know this, be we still have the power to stop things in this country and it won't cost you a cent!

I have found a quick yet accurate explanation of why we are so against this bill and why you should help stop it:
It will allow the US government to take down any website at its discretion for any copyright violations. The problem is that often it is hard to know whether certain content is copyrighted or not. Sites like,,, internet hosting companies, small websites, newspaper websites,,, etc could get into trouble for having copyrighted materials. The wording is too vague to protect innocent violations and would allow missuse of the authority. It is essentially a backdoor that would allow the government to censor all of the US based internet (which is a lot of the english internet

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Ty said...

Hope this doesn't pass! It would such a major blow to our websites and the internet itself!