Sunday, January 25, 2015

It Came From Netflix:John Dies At The End (2012)

By Eric Polk-
If you've read a lot of my posts over the years, you know I almost always miss the boat when it comes to talked-about movies. I'd seen so many of my fellow horror lovers rave about this nutty, hilarious film upon its initial release. Finally, it's my turn to give this a view.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

DBH Redbox Theater:Bloodworx(2012)

By Eric Polk-
The cool thing about Redbox is, on occasion, they carry horror films which may have fallen under your radar. Smiley is a good example, having made my Top Ten back in 2012. Bloodworx is another shining, bloody beacon of the lesser-known good horror movies.

Friday, January 23, 2015

It Came From Netflix:The ABCs of Death(2012)

By Eric Polk-
Nothing like a timely review of a talked-about movie. Before I begin, I'd like to mention the teacher charged with a felony for showing this to her classroom doesn't warrant a jail sentence. Poor judgement? Yes! Deserved to lose her job? Yes! There are a litany of problems in our American education system that should take priority over whether or not someone should go to prison for showing a movie. The priorities of The Powers That Be continue to baffle and irritate this one!.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

It Came From Netflix:New Year's Evil(1980)

By Eric Polk-
A new year, a new series of movies to praise, skewer or just remain indifferent. New Year's Evil comes to us at the height of the slasher sub genre craze of the early 1980s. While it's by the numbers, there are some things that makes this one stand out.

Friday, January 16, 2015

DBH Redbox Theatre:Tusk(2014)

A joint review by Rhonny Reaper and Eric Polk-
Sup Reaps! Eric here, and boy, oh boy, do we have a movie to review today. Kevin Smith's Tusk has been generating all kinds of buzz within the horror community so it was our turn to check this mutha out.

Friday, January 9, 2015

The Crazy Fat Ethel II Hall of Shame:Class of 2014

By Eric Polk-
A little late to the game as usual, but all good horror bloggers have a best of/worst of list. I'm not any different. Unlike other bloggers, however, I take the worst horror movies seen in a given year, place them in a shrine named after perhaps THE WORST MOVIE EVER MADE!!!! Unlike most years, 2014 was not that bad in the world of horror. Some great, most meh, but I still found some doozies that achieve the honor of Summa Cum Lousy!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Dollar Bin Horror Splurge - The Babadook

A single mother, plagued by the violent death of her husband, battles with her son's fear of a monster lurking in the house, but soon discovers a sinister presence all around her.

So, this was a film I had only recently heard about (I'm behind...I know) and everyone seemed to have had an opinion on. Critics apparently loved it if you google reviews for it...other people I know personally who are horror fans were mixed. They either loved it or thought it was...for lack of a better term "meh". They said it was overhyped and "not terrible, but not amazing". I beg to differ.

The Babadook is brilliant. Just plain brilliant. I felt emotions and connections for ALL the characters (which is surprising for me since usually I just connect to one or maybe a few, but here every character had a part to play in this twisted tale and played it well). The little boy...I don't know where they found him, but I love him! He's a fucking terrifying little kid! Not to give any spoilers, but the scene in the car after the party...that little boy had me jumping! And poor mom...the deterioration of her connection with reality due to the Babadook was sad and disturbing. Her acting was spot on and left me with shivers. The mom and son's relationships with the other characters in the film gave it even more of that something that draws you into the story. I didn't want it to end! But when it did, it left you satisfied. And let's not forget the book! Babdook came from a pop-up book that mom read to her son for bed...and what a creepy little book it is. I love the artwork and the story in the book itself. It's a creepy little poem that turns completely sinister as the film progresses.


The writing, the style, the emotion, dark and unsettling feel to the home they lived it...everything fit together so wonderfully. And the best part...IT WAS ACTUALLY SCARY! It didn't rely of lots of blood or graphic nudity (which I love, but it's nice to see a film once in a while that's just a damn good film). It got inside your head and played tetherball with your emotions. I would recommend this movie to everyone. Whether you liked it or not, it's a film that should be seen at least once.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Eric's Top Ten Movies of 2014

By Eric Polk-
Over time, I've never had a problem coming up with my favorite horror movie watched in the current year. There always seemed to be one movie towering over the rest of the celluloid thoroughbreds. This year, it was a helluva lot different. Three contenders(two disturbing, one an animated classic) each had a legit claim to my #1 Horror Movie of 2014. Before you read my top ten horror movies in 2014, understand in order to qualify for a spot, I've had to have watched the movie for the first time during the year not when it was originally released. Disclaimer out of the way, here we go...

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

DBHR New Release:Blitz by Our Own Eric Polk

Sup Reaps! Eric here with my latest short story "Blitz", now available. For the associates and customers of the Stoningham, Pennsylvania Wal-Mart, the busiest shopping day of the year is about to turn into the deadliest. If you love The Mist or Dawn of the Dead, you'll enjoy this tale of blood, zombies and mystery. To pick up a copy for only 99 cents, just click the link below...

Monday, October 13, 2014

And The Halloween Horror Movie Marathon Madness Doll Contest WINNER is...

Wendy Robinson!!! Congrats on having a doll that creeped the hell out of the judges!!! Now please lock it up with holy water before it starts moving around the room and trying to steal your soul...

Thanks to everyone from the MADNESS group on Facebook who entered!!! Check out what the MADNESS is all about at

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Halloween Horror Movie Marathon Madness Doll Contest Finalists Are...

Greetings! Eric here, and today we announce the three finalists for The Halloween Horror Movie Madness Doll Contest. These creepy kids were selected by Rhonda, me, and Head Hauntress Elizabeth Katheryn Gray. The winner will be selected by a panel of distinguished Madness Judges over on Facebook....

Contestant #1

                                           Wendy Robinson: "Brother, Can You Spare A Soul?"

Monday, October 6, 2014

Dollar Bin Horror Giveaway - Mini Schitzo Living Dead Doll SIGNED by Ed Long and Damien Glonek!!!

If you haven't heard of Living Dead're reading a blog ran by a woman obsessed with them...yes you have (if you somehow missed all my posts about them, start with my interview with them HERE). And you know you love them. Maybe you won't tell your co-workers that you secretly want to horde little zombie/demon/horror dolls because they would be all freaked out, but you want to. You know you do...and I can help you start! (Holy shit...I sounded like a crack dealer there...anyway, keep reading!)

This past weekend at Cinema Wasteland, I got to hang out with Ed long and Damien Glonek, creators of LDD, once again. They are AWESOME people and if you can make it to a Cinema Wasteland or any convention they may be at, stop by the LDD table and get some dolls! Or go to! This time though, I brought back a little gift for one lucky Dollar Bin Horror reader!!!

This giveaway is for a sealed Schitzo mini LDD signed in person by both Ed and Damien! The signature is on the shrink-wrap, so it's probably best to enjoy this little fella in the box...a little fun fact: Schitzo is based on a serial killer John Wayne Gacy! Winning is pretty simple, as usual. All you have to do is leave a COMMENT to this post with your NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, and tell me if this is your first LDD or if not, how many do you own? I love hearing from other collectors...or converting non-collectors into addicts! The contest will end on October 23rd and the winner will be announced both on the site and on that day's episode of Dollar Bin Horror Radio! This is probably my favorite contest I have done because LDDs are such a huge part of my life and my love for horror, so share with all your friends and good luck!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dollar Bin Horror Giveaway Winner!!!

And the winner of the two DVD horror film sets is...Nathan Hamilton!!! Congrats! You will be contacted shortly. Thanks to all who entered and keep an eye out for our next giveaway!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dollar Bin Horror Giveaway - DVD Collection Madness!!!

Halloween is creeping up fast, so now is the best time to find killer dvd collections cheap!!! But...isn't a free movie better? How about 19 movies for free!?!?!

This DBH giveaway is for the two dvd collections seen pictured. The first contains 10 zombie horror films totaling over 13 hours of horror! The second is a 9 movie collection of Puppet Master films (which has inspired me to be Blade for Halloween this year...can't wait to post pics)!!!

The winner will receive BOTH of these collections and it takes but a few seconds to enter. Just leave a COMMENT to this post with your NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS and tell me what you're planning on dressing up as for Halloween! It's that simple folks!!! The winner will be randomly selected and announced on the site and on DBH Radio on Sept. 25th (2 weeks). Spread the word and GOOD LUCK!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Head Hauntresses Favorite Horror Movie(with special guest Mrs. Elizabeth Kathryn Gray)

Sup Reaps, Eric here. If you've been following Head Hauntress Mrs. Elizabeth Kathryn Gray of the Halloween Horror Movie Marathon Madness  then you know she has been counting down her 10 favorite horror movies. She has certainly had an electic mix from older Universal movies, NOES 3, Lucio Fulci, etc. We know come to her #1 king so without further aideu, we turn the blog over to her...

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - Daniel

Do you remember a little post I did about a 10 minute short horror comedy called Little Reaper? Well Peter Dukes and Dream Seekers Productions are back with Daniel, a 3 minute paranormal horror short film about a boy hiding in a closet from a dangerous intruder, but is all what it seems? (synopsis from youtube)

Daniel is a very strong short for just being a little over 3 minutes long. The tagline is perfect for this film because you already thing you know whats happening in the first few seconds, but NOPE! A wonderful twist awaits and...the hard part about trying to write a review for something three minutes long is that any little thing you say can be a damn spoiler! What I can say is it's very well shot and looks polished and professional. For being so short, the acting draws you in and the image of the one dead person (again, don't wanna spoil anything) looks chilling and pops this short into life...although Daniel himself looks even more terrifying when you finally get a good look at him...but you'll have to watch to see why! It's free to watch and I have included it below so you can see for yourself. I love short horror films. They can give you that fix you need for a scare on the go, on a break at work, or when you just don't have the time for a feature film. Great short film makers can tell a fantastic story withing a minimal amount of time, and Peter Dukes has shown once again he makes great shorts!

Want to see more from Peter Dukes and Dream Seekers Productions? Check out these links!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Help Fund Caesar & Otto's Paranormal Halloween!

If you've been a reader of this blog, then you've already heard of my favorite comedic horror duo in indie horror, Caesar & Otto! And if you haven't seen Summer Camp Massacre or Deadly Xmas, I suggest you get on it right now...well, not right this second...we need you to help them fund their third film and you gotta keep reading! I adore these two and I've been waiting on them to take on the greatest time of the year, Halloween! Here's a short summary of the film from their indiegogo page:

Caesar & Otto's Paranormal Halloween is loving, yet comical tribute to so many of the films we grew up with. Taking on everything from Halloween to the Shining, the Amityville and well beyond. But it's also our chance to show the audience the history behind these characters. Where do they come from, and give a deeper understanding of just who they are. But what makes this indiegogo campaign different from the rest is the following: 
A short, yet untitled Caesar and Otto bonus film to be shot in tandem with Paranormal Halloween. The first fully interactive crowdfunding experience where you the audience will choose the title, dialog, and most every detail on screen. All proceeds go to Caesar & Otto's Paranormal Halloween.

That's right folks, not only will Caesar & Otto be starring in a feature film this time, but a short film that YOU will help create through the funding! How? The perks!!! If you've ever donated to an indiegogo project, then you know that depending on how much you give, you get a different "perk" as a thank you. These perks put YOU in charge! You can have them read a message from you in the credits, have your voice heard in the short, or even have Caesar call you for a 10 minute chat! You can even get a cameo appearance, be killed onscreen, or have your very own DVD commentary! Or if you're REALLY broke and just wanna help out, you can donate $1 (ANY little bit helps people!).

So where do you go to find out more and donate? Click below! Remember folks, ANYTHING helps and being that I've watched their films from the start, I can tell you EVERYTHING given will go directly towards the making of this film!

Friday, July 18, 2014

eXXXploitees Giveaway Winner!

And the winner of their choice of shirt from the fabulous eXXXploitees is...Cory Carr!!! 

Congrats to Cory for winning our eXXXploitees T-shirt giveaway!!! And a HUGE thank you to eXXXploitees for giving us the opportunity to host this contest! Check out all of their AMAZING shirts at and keep checking DBH for our next giveaway!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

It Came From Netflix:Bubba Ho-Tep(2003)

By Eric Polk-
File this under the 'better later than never' tab. Bubba Ho-Tep has grown into such a strong cult following that doing a straight review of this is rather useless. What I would like to say is Bruce Campbell does an awesome impersonation of Elvis, perhaps the best. This movie is hilarity wrapped in a scare flick. Ossie Davis has JFK was the perfect complement to Campbell it could have been horror comedy's answer to Clint Eastwood/Morgan Freeman had Davis not passed away in 2005. How the ancient Egyptian entity extracts his souls is rather...ummm...cleansing.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Dollar Bin Splurge of the Week:Deliver Us From Evil(2014)

By Eric Polk-
Priests, possessions, exorcisms. We have seen this over and over and over and over again in the 40 + years since the release of The Exorcist. The bodice has been ripped and raped in nearly every conceivable way from direct knock offs from foreign lands to blaxplotation to direct sequels get the picture. While many of these movies fall flat, there are a few that rise above the burning holy water such as this movie.