Friday, April 18, 2014

It Came From Netflix:Martyrs(2008)

By Eric Polk-
The past decade or so, France has been a major player in our beloved horror genre powered by the New French Extremity movement, producing such films as the awesome Haute Tension, Frontiers, Sheitan, and the highly controversial Martyrs.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

DBH Review:Tourist Trap(1979)

By Eric Polk-
Netflix is both good and bad for the film buff. Their selection is vast, yet at times it can be frustrating to see the phrase 'short wait', 'long wait', or(the worst)'very long wait'. The classic Tourist Trap falls into the third category. However, turns out Charles Band from Full Moon Productions has decided to take this and many other horror/drive-in fare under his very own streaming service. Now, being this is a blog based on movies on the cheap, I'd much rather collect a physical copy, which I did and I wasn't disappointed.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Dollar Bin Splurge of the Week:Oculus(2014)

By Eric Polk-
It's awfully scary when a film is backed by the folks at WWE Studios. I don't mean this as a euphemism. It's very scary when a film is backed by WWE Studios. The list of 'movies' released by Vincent Kennedy McMahon and friends is a who's who of crap with the exception of 2006's See No Evil. The recently released Oculus, however, strives where others have failed because this movie is actually watchable.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It Came From Netflix:The Cannibal Man(1972)

By Eric Polk-
If you've followed the site, then you probably know about the Halloween Horror Movie Madness and its yearly themes. Last year, we slunk into the greasy stain of the Video Nasties. For the horror newbie, the Video Nasties were a number of films distributed on video cassette over in England in the early 1980s that were criticized for their violent content by the press, social commentators, and various religious organizations.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Rhonny Reaper's Review of "My Mini Chucky Dolls Presents: Burnt Chucky"!

If you haven't heard of My Mini Chucky Dolls yet...listen up! My Mini Chucky Dolls are 100% hand-made mini replicas of everyone's favorite killer doll, Chucky (duh)! Italian artist Ilario Vitasevic doesn't leave any detail out of these little bundles of terror...even the shoes have the bottom details like in the movie! Below is a short video review I did today and an interview with the artist himself. I hope you all take a minute to go to his Facebook (Click here) and take a look at just how special these little masterpieces are!

Q: How did you get started making miniatures?
A: I have always been keen on making handmade things… Since I was young, everytime I saw a funny cartoon or a movie character, I tried to replicate it to make my very own action figure, so it’s kind of a natural skill!
Q: Why Chucky dolls?
A: Where do I start? When I was 3 my mom introduced me to the Child’s Play saga. She’s a BIG fan of horror movies and she passed me this passion till the very beginning of my growth. A few years later I totally forgot about Chucky when in 2003, I happened to watch on TV the movie “Bride of Chucky”, which reminded me about all those “hidden” memories of my childhood. That’s the year my first Mini Chucky Doll came to life: a stitched (and horrible) Chucky from CP4, totally made out of air-dry clay, with very bad paper clothes colored with pencils and embarrassing hair made of cotton. But I was 10 years old so it’s kinda “acceptable”. During the years I never tried to make miniatures again. Everything changed when I first heard about “Curse of Chucky”. I was so excited for that upcoming movie that I started to search for as much info as possible about that, which led me to search for some Chucky items to buy on the internet, but I couldn’t find something I really liked (and the only pieces nearly good are so damn pricey!). That’s why I started making Chucky miniatures, so that everyone can have a good piece of art without paying big money!
Q:Can you take us through the process of making a doll?
A: Sure! Well… everything starts with a draft paper of the project I’m going to realize. I use it to set the proportions and to have a general idea on how to start. I then split the project in several days, each one corresponds to a specific phase: There’s the “Making Phase” where I just create every single piece of the body, or the “Clothes Phase” where I make the sweaters, the overalls etc. Once every piece is baked, I can proceed with the most difficult (and funny) part of the process: the head. It takes me at least 4 hours to make every head as detailed as possible, and I use a lot of different techniques for every detail (like the melting plastic from the eye, the burnt hair, etc.) so I have to wait for the first paint job to dry before starting with the next one. After the head is completed, I start working on the body, ripping it and burning it (with acrylic colors and real fire). When everything is ready, I can finally assembly all the pieces, making sure the miniature doll stands by hiself. The final phase is all about the Good Guys Box, which I compose by folding it accurately and putting a layer of transparent paper for the window.
Q: What kind of materials do you use?
A: I use different kinds of materials. For the body (torso- arms and legs) I use air-dry clay. For the other pieces like hands- shoes- eyes- head and knives I use polymer clay (Fimo or Cernit). To make the clothes I use common tissues (customized by me), while for the hair I use a synthetic wig.
Q: What other dolls are you planning?
A: Right now I’m working on my second miniature, the “Good Guys Chucky” doll from the original Child’s Play. It was supposed to be ready in early March, but I had some problems in finding the materials and there’s been a delay. It’s gonna come out in early April! As for my future plans there’s not much to say… Well, maybe just a couple of things! Even if I didn’t plan to make a Tiffany miniature doll yet, I already bought some leather and various tissues for the wedding dress! I still don’t have a date, but I’ll definitely work on it in the future! One news I’m excited to tell you is about a Limited Edition “Child’s Play 2” Chucky inspired by its design at the end of Child’s Play 2, when he’s melted to the platform truck before being poured with the hot plastic. In this limited series of miniatures (there’s gonna be only 4 of them) Chucky is presented with a “knife-hand” wrapped with tape (like in the movie) and his body is melted to the platform truck with real moving wheels! There’s no date for this one too, but it’s gonna come sooner than you think!
Q: How can people find out more and where should they go to order?
A: For more information please visit the Facebook page If you’re interested in buying one of my miniatures, please send me a PM always on the Facebook page. Thank you for the interview!

A HUGE thank you to Ilario Vitasevic for the interview and for making one of my favorite new pieces in my doll collection! Now after watching the video, I said I'd post some pics for comparison below just so you can see how detailed this doll actually is. I cannot wait for the new dolls he has coming out soon and I hope you all take a look at his page for even better photos and updates!

For being an approx. 3 inch doll,  I think this is one of my favorites!!!

Rhonny Reaper XOXO

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

DBH Review:The Bay(2012)

By Eric Polk-
As you may or may not know, I'm not a huge fan of  many found footage movies. If I'm watching them in the theater, I usually become sick because of all the shaky camera work. At home, they're just way too pristine too really indulge me. They're not Dario Argento! Anyway, there are a few I like such as Quarantine and The Blair Witch Project. I can also add this movie directed by Barry Levinson to the small list.

Monday, March 10, 2014

DBH Review:The Walking Dead "Still"

By Eric Polk-
Whenever I write a review for a TWD episode, it means it's either brilliant or hideous which has been the story of this series. Give credit where credit is due, however. When it hits, it goes 500 ft into the water. When it misses, you feel as if you've lost an hour of your life you could have devoted to cleaning the lint tray in the dryer. I know I'm late writing this review since it covers Still, please accept my apology, Reapling nation.

Monday, March 3, 2014

DBH Review-Familiar(2012)

By Eric Polk-
Recently, producer Zach Green asked me to review this short film for the website. Always searching for some new horror to enjoy, I took a peak.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Friday, February 28, 2014

Women in Horror Month Videos!!!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to post a quick video with a few quotes from readers who commented on a facebook post I made looking for people's take on women in horror and also the fantabulous Kweeny Todd has made a video of her own to celebrate this amazing month celebrating the wonderful women who make it possible for me to even run this blog! Thank you to all the ladies of this terrorizing genre for paving the way for women to get involved in the horror community!!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mezco's Fantastic Horror Collectibles at The 2014 Toy Fair!

While parents and kids try to spot what will be the next big toy for Christmas, horror fans can rejoice at the awesome collection of new dolls, collectibles, and toys that the The 111th New York International Toy Fair has to offer. I put together a few images of some of my favorite toys on display that horror fans will adore! These are all from my favorite company for top of the line collectibles, Mezco Toys.

The first on the list is Series 27 from the worlds longest running line of collectible horror dolls (and my favorite obsession), Living Dead Dolls. The theme for this series is "Myths and Legends from Around the World" and the dolls names are, from left to right, Mephistopheles, Banshee, Milu, Spring Heeled Jack, and Hopping Vampire. According to a few fan posts in the LDD group on Facebook, Milu's face is still being finalized so she is seen with her mask on here (don't know if that's 100% true or not, but it makes sense). You can pre-order the whole set right now at!

The next offering, also from Living Dead Dolls, is The Creature from the Black Lagoon. I love the sculpt of his hand and feet and think his body suit clothing is adorable! When I heard they were doing him I wondered how and if they'd do a "naked" doll, but I think the idea of the suit is ingenious. No date has been given yet on his release except for Fall of 2014.

Another Living Dead Dolls offering will be the Headless Horseman. It seems like two versions of the doll will be released, the regular one on the left and an exclusive edition that from what I've read not only comes with a badass plus horse as pictured, but will have a glow in the dark head (hence the slight color variation in the two)! They haven't said much about how many exclusive editions will be released or where to get them yet, but both versions are expected out sometime in the Summer of 2014

To celebrate their 16th anniversary this year, Living Dead Dolls will also be releasing a special edition of one of their first dolls, Posey. The all white look is beautifully haunting and I'm REALLY hoping she glows in the dark (she looks like she does, it would make her even more ghostly!) Being one of their classic beauties, I'm positive she will be one of the biggest hits this year for hardcore LDD fans. She is due out sometime this year and is one on my wishlist for sure!

Mezco will also be releasing some really cool 9 inch figurines of three of our favorite classic horror monsters; Frankenstein, The Mummy, and The Creature from the black lagoon. I didn't see a release date on the black card in front of them or in a google search, but I think they are creatively stylized and think they'd look pretty swell in my collection!

And now to they toy I've seen probably the most people talking about online, The Psycho Mother Roto Plush doll! Now I've seen a lot of psycho collectibles. I even have the LDD set (not surprisingly). But I've NEVER seen a doll or collectible of his Mother!!! She's astounding and if you google other images, she's actually quite wonderfully detailed! This is a MUST HAVE for horror fans and is set to be released sometime in 2014 (you know as soon as I find out, you will too!!!)

 And now to my all time favorite subject to talk (more like gush) about, CHUCKY! And he's hitting it BIG at the toy fair this year! The 15 inch mega scale Chucky to your right in the above photo states 2014, but I already have I'm assuming this meaning a second run of him will be released this year (which means more people will get a chance to see how amazing this doll really is. I'm telling you from experience he is FANTASTIC!). In the middle is the stylized roto figure that will be out in August and is already available for pre-order on (I must wait for my next pay but I shall be pre-ordering). And to the Left is...well an image of what could be my newest favorite doll! Mezco is working on another mega scale doll but without the scars...and he will talk!!! The doll is still pending approval, but how can you not want this! He looks pretty similar to the Sideshow dolls from a few years ago, but you can't find that one of under $300 so here's to the hope of owning a great non-scarred Chucky for less than half that!!!

And for even more Mezco/Chucky fun, look for the awesome Chucky pillow/plush box to the right! Now available for pre-order on and set to be released in May, this will be the perfect match for the Chucky blanket I got for Christmas!!! And to the left is the talking plushies of Chucky and his bride Tiffany! These are set to come out sometime in the summer and will feature the actual actors voices. Not sure what quotes they'll say, but how cute are they!!!

And of course, Living Dead Dolls has their own stupendous take on Chucky. Last year, they released a solo Chucky doll. This year, his wife joins the party! For anyone who missed out on getting Chucky last year, Mezco has released a Chucky/Bride set seen on the right. They have already sold out on the Mezco site, but they are now available in stores like F.Y.E. and some Spencers and all over Ebay. I got my set just 2 days ago in the mail (pre-ordered) and they are GLORIOUS in person!!! She is the show stopper of the set for sure in her pure white wedding gown...but wait...why is that Tiff alone on the left and covered in blood? Because there's an EXCLUSIVE VERSION!!! Look below... I think I've saved the BEST for last! If you already have the Chucky and just want Tiff, or if you're like me and need ALL the Chucky stuff you can get your grabby little hands on, this is the holy grail! This is the special edition of Tiffany. Looks the same, but she comes alone and is bloody as all hell! Now here's the catch...there hasn't been ANY info released yet as to if and/or when she will be released in the US...BUT I have found a site that already has her IN STOCK and is selling her for a pretty damn good price in Australia (and they ship to the US!!!). The site is and I already ordered mine on Valentines Day (just waiting for her to get here...the waiting is AGONY!). I know she's an exclusive, but I have no idea if she's an Australian exclusive (like Walpurgis was a German exclusive) or just for that site or if she will be released in info has been released yet. All I know is I found her and got her as soon as I could before she was gone and the prices for her went crazy on ebay! And yes, popcultcha really does have her in stock as a few of my friends overseas have already gotten her in hand! So if they release her in the states, I'll will let you all know, and if not...mine is coming!

So there you have it, my favorite selections from this years Toy Fair. There are so many wonderful things for horror fans to look forward to this year, so start saving your pennies up!

By Rhonny Reaper
pics from,,, and

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It Came From Netflix-Phantoms(1998)

By Eric Polk-
On the level, I'm not a huge Dean Koontz fan. I don't know if its his style of writing or the fact I'm not inspired by his readings but, to me, he's not Stephen King's heir apparent. Nevertheless, the author has had a few of his books translated for the big screen and this 1998 film directed by Joe Chappelle is one of them.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Living Dead Dolls Set a World Record!!!

My all time favorite collectible and my life-long obsession, Living Dead Dolls, have set a milestone! Today, they will officially go down in the record books as the Longest Continually Produced Series Of Collectible Horror Themed Dolls and are receiving the world record certificate at the 111th New York International Toy Fair right about now (4pm)!!! I've been collecting these dolls since I was 15 (as I'm sure you've all read about before a dozen times on this blog...probably sick of me by now he he) and I cannot say congratulations enough! I am extremely happy for creators Ed, Damien, and for Mezco Toys' prime minister of awesome, Mez, for achieving this incredible feat! Here's hoping for 16+ more years of terror and if you haven't checked them out must be living under a fucking rock and need to check out these now...I mean stop reading and go to!!! Tomorrow, I'll be sharing pics from the toy fair of the LDD and Mezco goodies coming out this year!

Post below found on the Living Dead Dolls Forum and Facebook Page:
New York- The Living Dead Dolls, a proprietary brand of Mezco Toyz, is approaching a milestone that makes other toy lines green with envy; The Living Dead Dolls are set to become the world’s Longest Continually Produced Series Of Collectible Horror Themed Dolls.
First introduced in 1998, the Living Dead Dolls have seen countless other toy lines come and go. Of all the new toy lines introduced by various companies in 1998 only two others continue to be produced: a talking truck and a talking dinosaur.

The Living Dead Dolls are the creations of three men: Ed Long, Damien Glonek, and “Mez” Markowitz.

Says Mez of the 16-year milestone; “What's dark and twisted and a huge part of my life? Living Dead Dolls! I cannot believe that the dolls are 16 years old already. It seems like just yesterday Ed, Damien, and myself were sitting down to work on series 1. It’s been incredible to watch the brand grow. It’s been an honor to team up with Ed and Damien. It’s amazing to see the fans love for the dolls. It’s been 16 years since these creepy little creatures crawled out of the unholy cemetery that is Ed and Damien's minds. Congratulations boys! I can't help but be incredibly excited about what the future holds!”

Equally excited, Damien added; “: “There was never a thought out plan when we first started. Living Dead Dolls was built upon a do what we like attitude and it grew into something beyond our wildest expectations. I couldn't be happier with the support and dedication our fans have given us throughout the years. The dolls have taken on a life of their own and they are now as much apart of everyone who collects them as they are to us who create them. These last 16 years have flown by but there is still so much we want and need to do with LDD that we eagerly are looking forward to the next 16 and beyond.”

During the 111th New York International Toy Fair, on 2/17 at 4pm, Mezco and The Living Dead Dolls will receive the world record certificate officially proclaiming them the world’s Longest Continually Produced Series Of Collectible Horror Themed Dolls. “It is a great honor to receive the record, and we thank all the fans and collectors for helping to make it possible” said Mezco’s Mike Drake, “16 years is centuries in toy years. 99.997% of the toys lines introduced at the 2014 Toy Fair will not exist in 5 years, in 16 years they will be but a foggy memory…a notation to a footnote in the history of toys. What the Living Dead Dolls and Mezco have accomplished is without equal and a tribute to the entrepreneurial spirit. The Living Dead Dolls are proof that dreams can become reality, dreams can endure, and dreams can change the world, just as the Living Dead Dolls have changed the world of dolls”.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Rhonny Reaper's Top 5 Horror Movie Couples

First off, Happy Valentine's Day to all the love birds out there! No matter if you're snuggling with a loved on, or if you're alone and cuddling a nice bottle of wine (like me), there's no reason you can't make the best of this day of love, especially if you love horror! So in honor of this special day, I'd like to share alist of my favorite horror couples, both traditional and not-so-much

#5. Norman Bates and his Mommy
Nothing is more touching or heart warming than the bond between a son and his mother...unless he keeps her corpse locked away upstairs and dresses up like her when he feels like doing a little murder. Loosely based on the real life relationship of serial killer Ed Gein, Norman's obsession with his beloved mother is beyond insane. Taught that all women, except for herself of course, are whores and that sex is evil, it's no wonder he grew a little too attached! He "becomes" her and when he grows an interest in another woman, mommy is none too happy! While not a traditional "couple" in the sense of boyfriend and girlfriend, it certainly stands as one of the most sick and twisted relationships in horror movie history and deserves a spot on my list.

#4. Frank Zito and his mannequins
Franky is a P.I.M.P.! He's got girlfriends to spare lying around the back of his shop...too bad they're not real women, but mannequins with the scalps of his victims stapled to their heads! Another one with mommy issues, Frank just can't control his rage. Even when he tries to enjoy time with a real woman, memories of his prostitute come creeping in and he just has to kill her...but not before taking a reminder back home in the form of their scalp. His delusions make it seem as though the mannequins are the women he's killed and when he finally gets a hold of the scalp from his favorite woman, man do the others become jealous! They rip him into pieces (so to speak)! Frankie and hist life sized dolls are another not-so-traditional example, but man do they make quite the perfect pair!

#3. Mickey and Mallory Knox
What can bring two hearts together in true love? How about murder and publicity! Isn't it romantic to reminisce about how you first met? Especially when you both kill her parents as a first date and take hostages as your wedding reception! Even after the two get locked up AFTER getting bit by a rattle snake and beat to hell by the po-po, nothing can keep them apart! Yes, they're psychopaths who love the attention from the media when they slaughter people and leave one witness as a signature, but I mean come on! These two are in love and make the PERFECT couple...they have a lot of the same interests at least! And as you see from the ending of the film, the next generation of Natural Born Killers are here!!!

#2. Frankie and his Bride
All he wanted was for someone to love him for what's on the inside instead of run from his monstrous appearance. He didn't ask to be brought back from the dead, but he was, and no one deserves to be alone! So with "a little" convincing, he has Dr. Frankie make him a mate...only no one told her! She comes back from the dead, not knowing what the hell is going on, and sees a big monster petting on her hand. Both of these poor souls did not expect to be in this situation. Both were in their graves, resting in peace and all, and BAM! They were brought back with some lightning by a man who should have just let well enough alone! Everytime I see the monster go for the leaver and call out "We belong dead" with a tear in his eye, I can't help but to start balling like a girly girl at some crappy lovey-dovey movie. It's such a sad story and yet a beautiful, classic film that everyone, horror fan or not, should see at least a dozen times in their lives!

#1 Chucky and Tiffany
Come one, did you really think anyone could top my list other than these two!?! It's absolutely no shocker that Chucky and Tiffany would top the list as my favorite horror couple! In one movie, they go threw everything as relationship can...they date, they get married, they fight, they kill each other...perfect date night film (not to mention the next film with their adorable yet very confused son/daughter, Glen/Glenda)! Another couple brought together for their love of murder and mayhem, these two have a little more of a complicated situation...they're in the bodies of 3 foot tall dolls thanks to some voodoo! Tiffany is like my Martha Steward, I've adored her ever since Bride of Chucky film first came out. And Chucky is a LEGEND in the horror world and his presence in the hearts of horror fans cannot be denied. I've been obsessed with these two since I was 9 (holy shit, I feel old...), so to have anyone one else top my list would be sinful (especially since I have both of them in my bedroom right now...would be a bit odd to piss them off...right?...*looks behind me*)

So there you have it, my top 5 horror couples! Hope you enjoyed this little post and that it inspires you to hug a loved one a little closer today...even if they're a psychopathic serial killer who perhaps has a mom complex and a fascination with voodo magic!

Monday, February 10, 2014

DBH Review-Best Worst Movie(2010)

By Eric Polk-
Troll 2 is NOT the worst movie ever made. Not in the worlds of horror or other cinema, not in the worlds of the cults who spend their weekends doing the Time Warp or putting on drag to the strains of an ABBA soundtrack, not in the worlds where fans sit at the box office for weeks, months, years at a time just to catch the latest George Lucas...errr...I guess now Disney opus. Troll 2 is bad, but hardly deserving the moniker of Best Worst Movie.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

DBH Review-Piranha(1978)

By Eric Polk-
The thing about having a tremendously successful movie are the inevitable knockoffs/cash-ins that follow. You can't really do much about it unless you leave your money at home. It happens in every genre, though more so in our world of horror. Jaws was the bedrock for which all summer blockbusters were to grow. Following this, there was Tentacles, Grizzly, Frogs, Squirm, the surprisingly good Orca, Day of the Animals, The Swarm, the porno version of  Jaws entitled Gums...So, three years after we were afraid to go in the water, we stumble upon a school of killer fish ready for some late-70s munching.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Welcome Back to the 80s!!!

By Eric Polk-
Sup Reaps! Eric here and desperately trying to return to the 1980s! If you decided to skip last night's Super Bowl, 1.You didn't miss a thing unless you are a Seahawks fan and 2.You missed perhaps one of the best commercials in the nearly 50-year history of the big game! Radio Shack looks to renovate with the help of some 80s icons. Horrorwise, you are in for a very, very tasty surprise! Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

DBH Review-Jacob's Ladder(1990)

By Eric Polk-
The early 1990s were a transitional time for horror films. The golden age of the slasher was on life support, the box office takes for other subgenres were decreasing release from release. However, from these dying embers rose the 'psychological thriller'. Ahh yes, let's put out a horror movie with well-known actors and actresses but not say its a horror movie. Sad but in this time some very fine movies came out such as Silence of the Lambs, Seven, etc. Jacob's Ladder is a great addition to this class.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DBH Review-Texas Chainsaw 3D(2013)

By Eric Polk-
Let's face it, like many of its popular horror brethren, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise has been bastardized, its meat ripped to shreds for the purpose of commercial satisfaction. Since the classic original was released in 1974, we have seen sequels, prequels, next generations, reboots, and now this movie that apparently is a direct continuation of said first film. Scorecard, please! To be honest, I had no expectations with this entry in the series. I was looking for another celluloid gem to join the ranks of last year's Carrie remake to induct in the Hall of Shame...but that's why I watch the movie!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Living Dead Dolls Sweet 16 Celebration!!!

Everyone knows i'm addicted to collecting Living Dead Dolls. It's just a basic fact in my people need water to live. So this year is an exciting time to be a fan (not just because the Chucky/Tiffany 2 doll set comes out next month!). 2014 marks an astonishing 16 years since Ed Long and Damien Glonek started making these creepy little works of art!!! No other horror toy even comes close the the fresh smell of plastic and awesomeness when you crack open a new coffin (collectors who open their dolls will get that statement...). So Living Dead Dolls is going to be celebrating all year long and here's what they posted on their facebook about the year to come:

As 2013 is laid to rest, Mezco Toyz looks to make 2014 memorable with a year long celebration of the 16th anniversary of The Living Dead Dolls. The world’s longest continually running series of horror themed collectible dolls has more than a few festivities in store to celebrate their “Sweet 16”, including;
*A Living Dead Doll Death Mask Art Show*2 new Living Dead Doll books*A very special attempt to show you can take your collection with you*The best Sweet 16 party ever*An intimate look at Living Dead Doll collectors*Celebration merchandise
Many more thrills and surprises!
To stay informed of all Living Dead Doll events, Mezco advises signing up for the Living Dead Doll newsletter at
as well as following Mezco on Facebook at
as well as
“It has never been a better time to be a Living Dead Doll fan” says Mezco’s Mike Drake, “this is the year we pull out all the stop and make a lot of dreams…and nightmares, come true!’

Additionally, Mezco and Living Dead Dolls are inviting fans to submit videos, up to 60 seconds in length, telling what the Living Dead Dolls mean to them. Each week for the whole year, a video will be chosen to be added to their Sweet 16 celebration youtube page. All the info on submiting a video can be found on the Living Dead Dolls facebook page ( I already submitted mine and was chosen to be this week's video!!! I am honored and hope Ed and Damien never stop making these beautiful peices of joy and terror. And yes, those are my babies behind me...

Oh, one more thing...Living Dead Dolls has a new "mystery box" going on!!! Go pick one up today before they're gone!!!