Saturday, January 24, 2015

DBH Redbox Theater:Bloodworx(2012)

By Eric Polk-
The cool thing about Redbox is, on occasion, they carry horror films which may have fallen under your radar. Smiley is a good example, having made my Top Ten back in 2012. Bloodworx is another shining, bloody beacon of the lesser-known good horror movies.

Two college students, looking to make some righteous bucks, respond to an ad from a pharmaceutical company in need of test subjects. Run by Cylon #6 of new Battlestar Galactica fame, the kids settle in with a collection of both young and old to let the drug work its wonderworking power. Like all good 'under the influence of an experimental drug' horror movies, the side effects prove deadly for many involved. The one sucking down the placebos has to stop the madness before it's too late. Otherwise, Eric Roberts just may show up!

From beginning to end, this movie is solid. While it's by-the-numbers, there is plenty of gore and insanity to keep your interest. No real visible flaws in this. Worth a look.

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