Monday, January 23, 2012

Dollar Bin Book: Horrorscopes: A Little Book of Misfortunes by Lucien Edwards

There comes a point in every life when clouds gather, the path grows dark and you find yourself surrounded by devilish ghouls, dashing vampires and an unsettling number of decapitated zombies. Never fear – this little book will prepare you for whatever horrors lurk just around the corner. Simply find the entry that corresponds with your birthday and learn what chilling fate the stars have planned for you. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt to keep a wooden stake handy…

I picked this gem up a few months ago when Borders went out of business. It's not a novel, but truly is a little book misfortunes. It has a short entry for every day of the year, as well as themes for each month. To give you a feel, I'll do my own horror scope for you right now:

My birth month is June. June, according to the book, is the Month of Venomous Monkeys. The plant I should avoid is Poison Ivy, my Doomsday Device is a zombie army, and my Evil Omen is a message from the entity known as goth. My birthday is the 2nd of June, so this is my "Horrorscope":
Forever seeking to broaden your horizons, you are led through life by a deep need for experimentation. As you grow, though, these experiments will increasingly take place in an underground laboratory. For your future happiness, remember - where there's smoke, there is usually a beaker full of boiling snake venom.

The book is full of dark little morsels for everyone to enjoy that also includes things to beware of and dark days. Each month has a beautifully drawn illustration by Eugene Smith that just adds to the dark yet light tone of the book and really makes the month's theme pop. And since it doesn't have a specific year attached to it, you can use it on your friends for years to come. It's a delightful little read and I think you will thoroughly enjoy it. Pick up your copy HERE.

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