Sunday, January 18, 2015

It Came From Netflix:New Year's Evil(1980)

By Eric Polk-
A new year, a new series of movies to praise, skewer or just remain indifferent. New Year's Evil comes to us at the height of the slasher sub genre craze of the early 1980s. While it's by the numbers, there are some things that makes this one stand out.

It's New Year's Eve. A lady named Blaze(Diane Sullivan to her mother) is hosting a countdown party on tv complete with rock band Shadow performing a very good soundtrack. Taking telephone calls, one inspired individual threatens to kill one 'Naughty Girl' when the clock strikes twelve in each time zone. I assume this is within the continental Untied States.

The chase is on between her, the cops and the killer who sounds so damn eloquent with his voice changer. Naughty girls get whacked. Shadow rocks. Cheesy secondary story line between Blaze and her son. Obvious twist. The movie, for its flaws, isn't terrible. While I didn't like the killer reveal early in this film, it was well-acted for a slasher, good kill scenes and the music is pretty awesome. Worth a look.


KaceM said...

You liked that music? That is one party I would not mind missing, lol.

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