Meet the Staff

The blog for horror fans on a budget! Dollar Bin Horror was founded in October 2009 by Rhonda Kachur (AKA "Rhonny Reaper). At $20 a DVD, the cost of buying DVDs was putting a damper on our love of horror films. While shopping for groceries, I stumbled upon a dollar bin with DVDs galore. I started searching through the piles of films and found gems staring Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, and Bela Lugosi, all for $1 each. Thus Dollar Bin Horror was born.

Soon after, the direction of the blog had shifted to not only films that are cheap to buy, but also indie films that were cheap to make yet still maintained a high viewing quality. My love for a low price and my love for indie horror had merged to form a place where price conscious horror fans and indie film makers could get together and learn of the amazing things that were out there in horror that we all could enjoy AND afford! With the addition of writers Brandon Sites and Eric Polk in mid 2010, Dollar Bin Horror has grown into a resource for reviews, interviews, contests, and news for the price conscious horror fan.

Rhonny Reaper (Founder, Editor In Chief, Co-Host of DBH Radio)
Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Rhonda, but everyone calls me Rhonny Reaper. I'm a 21 year old horror movie fanatic and the all around nerd who created Dollar Bin Horror, which provides reviews for the budget conscious horror consumer. In my spare time, I'm a zombie enthusiast, a Licensed Practical Nurse, I write short horror stories for various publications, I read...a lot, and I like to sing. I'm addicted to Lord of the Rings, I'm a big fan of the SAW series, and I love to watch classic black and white horror films (especially Vincent Price films). I will go any zombie walk I can and I have a huge weak spot for scary dolls (both on screen and at the store). Wanna know more? Facebook me at


Eric Polk (Associate Writer, Executive Producer of DBH Radio) 

Eric Polk is author of the blog He is also author of the short stories "Rhapsody In Black" and "From A Serpent's Kiss".Currently, he is working on his first novel,"A Primitive Glow". Growing up, as his friends watched Disney films, Eric fed himself on a diet of Freddy, Jason, cheesier 80s horror fare, Zombies, and just about every film released by the good folks at Media Home Entertainment (R.I.P.). He is in particular a huge fan of Italian horror, but is fully committed to watching and reviewing all types of horror films including the likes of Showgirls! Befriend him on his Facebook page