Monday, September 24, 2012

Horror to Watch For: Wireless (Short Film)

Hey everyone! I just wanted to share a quick post about an upcoming short film that looks like it has a ton of potential and I'd like for everyone to go over and give them a little support! The film has just went into editing mode and is due out sometime in October. Here's a bit of info on director Rob Patrick's short, "Wireless": A series of phone calls are made via an unknown transmitter. Every person who receives the call commits suicide. The town of the incident loses five hundred people within seconds. Jet, one of the only survivors, is tracking down the culprit. She is looking to bring whoever's responsible to justice, but can she make it before the transmitter starts to make another set of calls? And here's a sneak peek of a few stills from the film:

We ALL love good indie horror, so please give them a look and a "like" on their Facebook Page (CLICK HERE) and spread the word! From talking to Rob and looking over the film's info he sent me, I really think it'll be one to watch for!

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