Friday, September 21, 2012

Stranger in a Strangeland: Eric's Road Trip to the Zombie Walk

By Eric Polk-
Being a Pittsburgh boy, the city of Cleveland is always in the cross hairs of a gentle ribbing (unless the Browns beat the Steelers then all bets are off). However, this past Saturday I let go of that somewhat extraneous bullcrap and headed to the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Howard the Duck to participate in the tenth Cleveland Zombie Walk Food Drive hosted by Oldschool Sinema and sponsored by PBR (yes, the same beer Dennis Hopper lauds in Blue Velvet).

I was absolutely amazed at the sense of nationhood this walk brought out in this part of the horror community. I saw people young and old garbed in so much zombie wear, I thought I'd stepped into a Romero wet dream. The best part of this experience was how nice the people were. I felt very welcomed-me being a newbie-by the grizzled vets, especially a gentleman who just happens to be both a Browns and Steelers fan (yet another mystery of the universe revealed).

The walk itself was a blast as Rhonda and I walked among the undead around a full residential circle, freaking almost everyone out of their suburban daydream. Sadly, the fun couldn't last and when the makeup was washed away, I was back home at DBHR Eastern Ohio/Western Pennsylvania command. I felt as though I were part of something bigger than myself (a hard thing to do considering my size). It's a day I will not forget. We raised money, donated food, and had fun. Can't ask for much more.

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