Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dollar Bin Horror Review:American Horror Story-"Open House"

By Eric Polk-
Well I pray that last week's sub par episode of AHS is not the moment this show jumps the shark. Let's see what this week has in store.

In 1994, Larry, in love with Constance, mercy-kills her deformed son, Beau, who lives chained in the house’s attic, at Constance’s request upon learning that Beau would be taken away from her due to her neglectful parenting. Larry was burned when his wife immolated herself and their daughters in the house upon learning of his relationship with Constance. In the present, Violet takes solace in Tate, who says he is aware of the ghosts, and says they will not harm her if she tells them to leave her alone. He shows her some old photographs he found of the house and the Montgomerys. Vivien learns that she is pregnant with twins. Resolved to be up front with prospective buyers about the house’s past, she learns of the Montgomerys and that Charles revived their son into a monster, causing Nora to go insane and kill him and herself.

A sleazy developer becomes interested in the house, planning to tear down the gazebo and build a pool, leading Moira to seduce him in hopes he will buy the property and her bones will be discovered. Ben finds Larry’s home and confronts him, learning that Larry wants the house so he can be with Constance. Mocking him, Ben says the developer will buy the house and tear it down into condominiums. Constance learns of this and attempts to appeal to the developer, but he cruelly rebuffs her. She informs Moira that he lied to her about the gazebo and intends to build condos instead, which would seal Moira on the grounds forever. They put aside their enmity, and with Larry, lead the developer into the basement and suffocate him, taking him off the grounds before he dies. Violet shares the photos of the Montgomerys with Vivien, who is shocked to find that she recognizes Nora as one of the interested buyers in Episode 3.

Well, it is a better episode. This time, the show is allowed to breathe as opposed to being jammed up with previously used horror tales. When "Open House" isn't concerned with the unappetizing sex scenes, it's on the mark psychologically speaking. Some more questions many have are answered but again, the sex scenes bring the show down a bit,imo. Still, it was better!

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