Friday, November 18, 2011

It Came From Netflix:Edge of Sanity (1989)

By Eric Polk-
I can only imagine what was going on in Anthony Perkins' head in the years following his epic performance as Norman Bates in the original Psycho. So much pressure to follow that up with something as good if not better. And to his credit, I felt he filled that goal adequately, even making a tolerable reason to watch the gawd awful Disney movie, The Black Hole.

He continued to succeed in the three Psycho sequels, the infamous Crimes of Passion, and 1989's Edge of Sanity. In this version of the Jekyll and Hyde story,Henry Jekyll's experiments with cocaine have gotten out of control. He transforms into the hideous Jack Hyde. As Hyde he searches the London streets at night for his prey in whorehouses and opium dens. The police can't catch him, he has nothing to lose but his mind.

And lose his mind he does. The fantasy sequences in this film, though ham-handed, are quite effective in conveying his drug addiction. Anthony Perkins knocks it out of the park as usual with his performance. The sexual scenes are way better than the ones on American Horror Story.The gore is ok, not in abundance, but that really isn't the point of this film. The point,imo, is a heavy-fisted attempt at portraying drug addiction and one man's timidness.

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