Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dollar Bin Horror (Not So) Splurge of the Week - Animals

Syd has spent years wasting away in a washed-up hick town, but after meeting Nora his life will never be the same. Easily seduced by her charms, Syd is pulled into her dark world and an unforgettable night of passion. But in the light of day Syd begins to realize that his reckless night with Nora has filled him with a growing animal instinct to fight. This is only the beginning to Syd s journey into the unknown world of the ANIMALS lurking amidst us all.

Animals has made a place for itself in my all time list...of the worst horror films ever made. In most films, I can at least find some sort of redeeming quality. Animals is not one of them. To begin with, that acting is not very good. Even star Naveen Andrews, best known in LOST and the whole reason I watched this movie, looked like he'd rather be anywhere else than in this movie. I can't blame him blame him. Second, the special effects were just plain awful. The sequences in which the characters transform into werewolves look more like something out of a cheap computer video game that a film. Low budget is one thing, but it's no excuse for low quality, as we've seen so many other low budget films turn out to be spectacular. Third, the movie was less of a horror film and more soft core porn. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, has a damn sex scene! And I don't mean a sex scene where it's tastefully cut and edited...I mean there's more ass and tits than in the Hostel films! And to top it all off, the film is not ONE BIT scary! These werewolves didn't instill the fear of night in me...they made me want to chuck the DVD like a Frisbee. Take my advise, skip this movie and save yourself an hour or so of your life!

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Midnyte Reader said...

Oh dear. Sorry you had to sit through it, but thanks for the warning.