Monday, August 29, 2011

Dollar Bin Horror Article:The Midnight Movie-From the Margin to the Mainstream

By Eric Polk-
In the days before the vcr, the dvd, and cable, if one wanted to eschew the mainstream codswallop playing at your local theatre or drive-in near you, you had to wait until the hour enjoy the underground fare of the 60s and 70s.

The documentary is an in-depth piece regarding 6 of the biggest midnight movies of the era. Ranging from the surrealistic western, El Topo, the gloriously disgusting Pink Flamingos(Tell me you can make through the money shot without puking), the action-packed Jamaican film The Harder They Come (from which America was introduced to reggae) and the plain bizarre Eraserhead.

Of interest to horror fans is the legendary Night of the Living Dead and the cult phenom(I guess given its legacy it's no longer a cult phenom)The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

In the documentary, we get here folks such as George Romero, David Lynch, and John Waters discuss their movies and the communal nation the midnight movie established plus how their movies eventually turned the mainstream into a collage of irony and bizarreness. This is worth a viewing if you see it on cable.

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Legally Brunette said...

I found Pink Flamingos to be amongst the most disturbing movies out there. hands down, utterly disturbing. and the dog shit eating was the ultimate. ha!

I am writing a thriller book, looking for like minded followers to read excerpts and give feedback.

follow, comment etc... i have followed your blog as I enjoy the content. ty ~bridgett