Monday, August 22, 2011

Dollar Bin Horror Fight Night:Leatherface vs. The Snooki

By Eric Polk-
I work three days a week 12-15 hrs a day at a job that is so monotonous, it gives you time to think. One of my more interesting thoughts were, "Who would win in a fight between Leatherface and The Snooki from South Park?" So, without further ado...IT'S GO TIME!!!!


Strengths:Can operate power tools, family-oriented, superb butcher, tailor
Weaknesses:Not very dexterous, speaking difficulties

The Snooki
Strengths:Knows what she wants, very dexterous, Jersey attitude
Weaknesses:chain smoker, bed hopper, pickle breath, Jersey attitude

So, I'm going to let you Reaplings vote on who would win in this ultimate battle of horror not involving Freddy or Jason or Ash. The winner will be announced on the August 31st. edition of DBHR!

1 comment:

iZombie said...

i would love to say a tie, cause they fight like family... maybe they are related.