Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - One Buck Horror

One Buck Horror presents five chilling tales from five of today's most up-and-coming horror authors.
"Jenny's House" is a great place to play, but an unexpected playmate makes for a dark session of show-and-tell.
Three kids seek to steal from a traveling carnival and get more than they bargained for in "A Lullaby for Caliban"
In "The Last Nephew", Nephew yearns to be free of Uncle's depredations, but when Uncle leaves his pocket watch behind one night, it gives him the key to his escape.
Crossing "The Cornfield" is harrowing on the best of winter nights, but this night, Jack turns to see eyes in the darkness, and knows that something is following him...
In "The Ginger Men", mother is baking a special ingredient into a treat for father, an ingredient that gives her pie dough a life of its own.
Featuring stories by Ada Hoffmann, Julie Jansen, Mark Onspaugh, Mike Trier, and Elizabeth Twist.

This short but sweet anthology is not only entertaining, but it sums up all the ideas and values of this blog...great horror at a cheap price! The five stories in this book covers a full range of things horror fans love. "The Cornfield" gives gorehounds a taste of what they love, "The Last Nephew" (my personal favorite) is a tale of revenge that will keep you on the edge of your seat, and "Jenny's House" will leave you with a feeling of great unease and is just generally creepy as all hell. All the stories in this book are well written, and seem to share a theme of starring children as the main characters (which adds a new layer of detention to the whole project). Their short length makes it easy to read all at once or in intervals at your leisure. The book is a great platform for horror fans to be introduced to the wonders of indie horror literature as well as a great way for indie authors to get their work out their. If you have a Kindle or a phone with the Kindle app, this book makes the perfect read for a bus or car ride. The best part? It's ONE DOLLAR! (Actually, it's only .99 cents!). If you want great horror at a killer price, you can't beat this! Get it NOW by clicking HERE!

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William Malmborg said...

You sold me. I just downloaded it for my Kindle. Been a while since I read a good short story collection so I'm looking forward to diving into this one.