Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It Came From Netflix: Don't Go in the Woods (1982)

By Eric Polk of The Audio Descent-
Continuing with my screen of Don't-titled horror films(against my better judgement), I'm presented with this film, shot in the horror hotbed of Utah for a budget lower than...can't think of a metaphor but it was obviously pretty low.

Directed by James Bryan, Don't Go in the Woods is a typical slasher about four young campers, Craig, Peter, Ingrid, and Joanie backpack through the mountains for a relaxing weekend in the wilderness. While they are hiking in broad daylight, someone starts killing tourists in the woods. Craig warns the others not to go into the woods alone. The mountains are crawling with nerdy bird-watchers and young couples, most of whom meet gruesome ends at the hands of a deranged and growling woodsman with a sharp spike.

As their hike continues, the four campers enter a forest which becomes denser and darker as they progress. Peter (Nick Mc Clelland) and Ingrid (Mary Gail Artz) fear that they are lost. The rest of the terrifying night is spent running and hiding from the maniac murderer (Tom Drury) who is constantly in pursuit. Meanwhile, the local sheriff and his deputy decide they should start to investigate the disappearances.

Inspite of its laughter-inducing killer and bad acting, this movie is actually not that bad. It has a cheeseball factor I enjoy in movies such as Slaughter High and Sleepaway Camp. The kill scenes are actually quite gruesome(those who have seen this film know where the infamous sleeping bag from Friday the 13th:Part VII is derived from) and the end kill is something you don't see in other films.

As a serious horror film, of course it doesn't work. As a campy, early-80s slasher film, it is worth a look.(At least it was better than Don't Go in the Attic) And now, I can truly say, there are no more Don't-titled horror films to view. I am free of this!!!!


P.S. The dvd version has an intro by CKY leader Deron Miller along with a featurette and some talk show clips featuring the film's director and killer. Quite unique for a bad horror film.

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Maynard Morrissey said...

ah, this flick is sooo hilarious! looove the wheelchair driver