Friday, November 5, 2010

New Zombie Items from T-Shirt Bordello!

Your one stop shop for all things kick ass is back with new items for you undead loving fiends out there to enjoy! I told you just a little while ago about some of their new amazing shirts...but that's not all they got! Who doesn't love practicing your shooting skills for when those undead freaks start trying to chomp on your brains? But do you have a hard time finding just the right target to shoot at? Well never fear, T-Shirt Bordello is here with new zombie targets to get your fire on!

Not only do these targets cover Men, Women, and Children, but they'd look pretty kick ass covering your walls! Get yours at

And for all your survivalists out there, how about this poster to help you through the steps of disposing of those vile bodies that never seem to end! Get it at

And of course, you can't be T-Shirt Bordello without some freakin awesome Ts! I showed you in my last post a few of their new shirts, but this weekend they're introducing one of the most epic shirts ever to grace the human form....
Keep both eyes out for these and other new amazing items at!!!

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