Friday, November 5, 2010

(Not So) Splurge Of The Week : SAW 3D

I wanted to love this, I really did. But when 3D ticket prices are $14 a pop and this is supposed to be the end of one of my favorite horror better be really fucking good. Unfortunately, SAW 3D was just OK.

Lets get the first thing out of the way, save your money and see this film in 2D. So far, I've seen 4 films in 3D and I conclude it's all bullshit to get you to pay more money. Sure, a few times out of the films something looks pretty cool in 3D, but not enough to cover the extra money I shelled out, no sir you keep your 3D to yourself.

Now that thats out of the way, let's talk about the film itself. Overall, the movie is entertaining if all you want out of a film is some pretty fucking good gore (I myself am a gore hound, so this was a plus for me). It was full of some nasty ass shit that will make your dinner dance around in your gut. Even Chester Bennington (From Linkin Park) was in on some of the bloody action (spoiler, he didn't make it too far and went out with a glorious "rip"). Now as for storyline...yeah this just didn't cut it for a SAW film. Love them or hate them, most of the Saw films, in my opinion anyways, had a pretty good story line that wasn't too predictable. In this film, I saw the ending coming from a mile away. The writers could have and should have came up with something really twisted and different to send Saw off with a bang, but no they went for the mediocre gross out.

The other thing that got to me was one of the last traps in the film. It was a big oven that came out of no where. Now most of the other traps in the rest of the films were really believable and you really thought that Jigsaw and his henchmen could really have built it...but no this oven was just not believable at all and it really pissed me off as a Saw fan that the writers would stick something like that in there.

Now as you all have heard, Dr. Gordon is back and plays a major part in the story...but shit he should have got a hell of a lot more screen time! And being that Amanda is my favorite character...couldn't you have come up with a way to stick a little Amanda in there? Hell, the story line wasn't very good anyways, I'm sure you could have stuck her somewhere!

Now even with all these problems, I still don't think it was the worst in the series (I still say that title goes to part 5) but come on, if your gonna end the series DO IT SOME JUSTICE...should have stopped at 6!

My final verdict, If your a Saw fan, save your money, wait for the DVD, and hope for some bonus features that will maybe make up for this lack of writing talent. If your not, just save your money.


iZombie said...

it should have ended the series after one... thanks for agreeing with me about the whole 3d garbage...


Bleaux Leaux said...

Agreed on the 3D. I did like the way Avatar looked in 3D; the trade-off in that case being that the story was a soggy Dances With Wolves rehash. Otherwise, it's a rip (see Clash of the Titans if further evidence is needed).

Did you see the Piranha remake in 3D? I skipped it, but I bring it up because I just did a "poster post" on some of the old 70s "nature strikes back" flicks.

Rhonny Reaper said...

No I haven't. Although I hate remakes I kinda wanted to see that one, I just didn't have time too :(

elgartcalago said...

I will absolutely check this out! Saw movies are the best series of movies ever followed..