Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Edge of the Axe -Dollar Bin Film

In honer of the "Obscure Horror Month" that I am running on my own site, I wanted to do a post about an obscure horror film that costs a $1 or less! Also, make sure to check out Eric's guest post on The Children ( http://www.bigdaddyhorrorreviews.com/2010/07/children-obscure-horror-month.html ) or Rhonny's on Cathy's Curse ( http://www.bigdaddyhorrorreviews.com/2010/07/cathys-curse-obscure-horror-month.html ) while you are at it. Cathy's Curse can found in dollar bins nationwide and The Children can be viewed for free through Troma's offical site.

Anyway, for my pick, I choose Edge of the Axe. The plot concerns the women of a small town meeting gruesome ends by a killer wearing a white mask who has a fetish for axes. While not the most outright original slasher to have ever come out, it does feature strong sequences in which we see the killer selecting his next victim and then stalking them in shadowy hallways or in hidden spots out of view to the victim. The film expertly enagages the viewer in horror foreplay building plenty of suspense throughout. You know sometimes it isn't all about the climax, but what leads up to it and the film nails it in that regard. The climax isn't weak at all by any means though. The film's final plot twist is geniunely surprising and works well within the context of the story. Underrated and underseen with two appealing young leads.

This entire movie is available for FREE via http://www.youtube.com/ where it is put into either 9 or 10 seperate videos. So I hope you enjoy! (Part 1 is enclosed)

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