Monday, July 12, 2010

Dollar Bin Film:Zombie

By Eric Polk of

Ok, my turn to share my favorite Italian horror film. By a razor-thin margin over Suspiria, it's Lucio Fulci's 1979 classic Zombi 2 a.k.a Zombie.

Why is it named Zombi 2 over in Italy? Over in said country, Zombi (the first one) was, in fact, George Romero's originial Dawn of the Dead. To capitalize on the success, Mr. Fulci commissioned himself to create a Zombie Apocalypse-style film and what a film it is.

The theme, the gore, the Caribbean island in which a portion of this was filmed, the cinematography. Basically, it begins with a dead man wrapped in a bedsheet and rope rising from his death and getting shot in the head. An apparently abandoned yacht drifts out to New York Harbor, host to a huge ghoul who proceeds to snack on some patrolman neck(by that, I mean he shreds not bites...this isn't a vampire film!)

The daughter of the man who owns the boat is called on the scene and of course, knows zip. Along the way, a reporter is sent to investigate the tragedy of the Love Yacht. A note is found aboard which sparks the idea of daughter and would-be Bernstein to head to the cursed island of Martool where her father wrote of contracting a strange disease.

They hitch a ride with a couple and one of the most well-known scenes in the film involving a zombie and Jaws(let's say for the sake of film continuity, 2.5?) takes place. After surviving the experience, the four wind up on the island where the zombie attacks have gone on for sometime.

In the end, the island's inhabitants succumb(one very famously) to the monsters and the survivors beat retreat back home where another invasion is about to take place.

All I can say is WATCH THIS!!!! It is in my opinion, the greatest zombie movie ever(with apologies to original Night of the Living Dead). This is a horror film done right.



Zombie Mom said...

What a coincidence! We rented this from Netflix last week....loved it!!! Of course my favorite was the shark scene...and the music...loving that 70's sound-track. It was an excellent film!

Eric Polk said...

Nice! If you ever decide to purchase the dvd, may I recommend either the Blue Underground or Shriek Show versions?

Enjoyed the shark scene a lot but loved the woman's eyeball pierced with door splinter scene the best!