Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dollar Bin Film:Invasion of the Body Snatchers(1978)

By Eric Polk of

I debated reviewing this movie on dbh. Technically, Invasion of the Body Snatchers is neatly catergorized as sci-fi. Yet, this 1978 Philip Kaufman-directed remake of the 1956 film has plenty of horrific elements in it to be, in my opinion, a cross-genre film. A well-made, cross-genre film which is a remake!(gasp!)

The film begins when an ameoba-looking species travel millions of miles(somehow surviving the freezing, airless black void of space) to our rock in the solar system. Though a rainstorm, these creatures land on trees and plants, forming tiny little pods(not iPods, kids). And then it begins. The next day, people start acting very strange, souless, distant.

This piques the interest of a San Francisco health inspector(played by Jack Bauer's real-life father Donald Sutherland) and his friend/colleague/would be romantic interest Elizabeth. The assimilated aliens start taking over the city by the bay, causing fear and mistrust in the health inspector's group which includes a writer(Jeff Goldblum), his wife,and a shrink(played by SPOCK!!!!!!!!) in addition to folks who believe their loved ones have been possessed by these extra-terrestrials.

Needless to say, cries of help to federal and state agencies go unanswered as it becomes obvivious the vistors are winning so it's up to the inspector and his gal pal to destroy the lab in which the pods are being grown. A betrayal takes places amongest the group thanks to SPOCK!!!! Luckily, the gang escapes but unfortnately, it's too late for writer guy who valiently gives health inspector and friend time to escape.

Another piece of bad news happens to poor Elizabeth so it's up to the Inspector Man to finish the task. The ending is a memoriable piece of film-making(at least for 1978).

Invasion of the Body Snatchers is a great example of a remake done right. It's not wash, rinse, and repeat. Instead, it leaves it's own stamp. It's very gory, well-acted, and will hold your interest if you prefer substance over style in your cross-genre film. Do yourself a favor however reader. Watch the original and read the novel by Jack Finney before viewing this. 8.5/10


MrJeffery said...

moody, fabulous film, unforgettably scary ending. thanks for the review.

Eric Polk said...

Oh yes, MrJeffery...It's a rare scifi/horror substance film.