Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - Dead On Earth (Interview)

I recently started working on a story for a great project called Dead On Earth. It's a mass collection of authors and artists who are coming together to create an epic series of stories and I wanted to share more information about it. I sat down with the creators of the project, Ryan Philip Harrison Clarke and Cal Miller, to give you a more in depth look into this grand scale project in the making.

Q: What exactly is Dead On Earth?

A: Clarke- Dead on Earth is an Alien and Zombie apocalypse story written by the viewpoints of 15 characters created by 15 different writers.

A: Cal- It’s the Ultimate Anthology! Instead of 15 stories in a book, it’s 15 books in a story. Really cool concept I think.

Q: How did it get started?

A: Clarke- It all started when I began harassing Cal Miller after he chose all of the Undead Nation Anthology winners. I had this idea of some sort of zombie apocalypse written through the viewpoints of multiple characters (the original number 6) Cal was partial to the idea so I developed it some more. At the same time I had the idea for the alien zombie apocalypse idea floating around for a separate book I wanted to work on and had already created the character Joseph Milton. So I ended up putting two and two together and pitched the whole crazy alien and zombie idea to Cal. Cal became an instant fan and then I created the storyboard for the book. The next part, a lot easier than I thought, was getting all of the writers together… We got our magic 15 in about a week.

A: Cal- Ha, I wouldn’t call it harassing. I read the first email and saw aliens and zombies in the same project and thought it was an AWESOME idea. And yeah, I might have hated Clarke a little for thinking of it instead of me but I’m over it… Really, I am… LOL. Seriously when I saw the map of the U. S. Clarke did of all the characters and where they were located I was hooked. 15 different takes on the “human element” as it relates to the same apocalyptic event like this is gonna be interesting and exciting.

Q: Who's all involved?

A: Clarke- Right now we have me (Head Creator), Cal Miller (My inspirational guidance), William Lester (Expert Editor), our writing team of 15 members, and a few artists for our graphic novel.

Here is the entire Dead on Earth team

Ryan Clarke (Creator/Writer/Awesome)
Cal Miller (Creator/Writer/Inspirational Guidance ;)
William Lester (Creator/Editor/Spiritual Visionary)

Rhonny Reaper (Writer)
Angelica Hill (Writer)
David Ahlgren (Writer)
Eric Polk (Writer)
Kevin White (Writer)
Lyle Perez-Tinics (Writer)
Stuart Connover (Writer/Web Design)
Kristi Bailey (Writer)
Joseph Cedeno (Writer)
David Naughton-Shires (Writer/Comic Publisher/Artist)
Roger Wood (Writer)
Etienne Deforest (Writer)
Russ Penning (Writer/Future Screen Writer)
Cara Livermore (Artist)

A: Cal- We have a real diverse group of folks involved and that is gonna be one of the biggest strengths of this project.

Q: Where do you see it going?

A: Clarke- Ha! We are going big! Our first release will be our graphic novel of the series, then our books, shortly after there will be a screenplay in the works. We already have the likes of Mr. David Moody prepared to cut us some reviews on our Graphic Novel, among other secrets.

A: Cal- Dead on Earth: Aftermath… Every great idea needs a sequel! Yeah I went there, LOL…

Q: Where can we learn more about it?

A: Clarke- Well we have our Facebook and our Forums site. I guess the best way would be to email us at We don’t reveal much on our sites that anyone with a working mind could really comprehend all at once. The writers are the ones who really understand what it all means. As things progress I suppose we could make it a little more user friendly.

A: Cal- We are keeping it a bit mysterious, revealing a little at a time. That keeps it interesting and fresh in the long run.
Thanks for the interview Rhonny! Love you and your sites!

A: Clarke- Clarke loves you and your sites more!!

Cal and Ryan are amazing guys and I am honored to be a part of this amazing project. Check it out and stay tuned, it's going to be awesome!


R.D. Penning said...

I accept R.D. Penning or Russ Penning. Only my mother calls me Russell, haha, but if you are going to do it, it's two "L"s.

Great interview, and even though I'm coming in a bit late, I am still more than happy to be a part of it.

I just might physically pummel everyone I know until they walk with bloody stumps to the nearest computer and pass the news along by word of mouth and fingers: Dead On Earth is going to rock the shit out of people!

Rhonny Reaper said...

Sorry bout the name love, Ryan spelled it! lol I'll fix it right away ;)

DOE is going to take over the indie horror scene and then the world!!!! Mwuah ha ha ha! lol :)

Anonymous said...

Nice interview Rhonny as always :)