Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - Lucky Stiff (Book Review)

Meet Peter Lyles, a young man unremarkable in life but unforgettable in un-death. After he accidentally overdoses while on spring break, Peter's friends do him the dubious favor of bringing him back to life. Or rather, they turn him into a zombie with the help of a little old fashioned Voodoo. Peter's journey through the unlife takes him from the homebrewed sex magic of a mysterious swamp-dwelling Madam, to bouncing from bedroom to bedroom all across the globe, and finally leaving him with a career as the hottest gigolo not alive. All the while, he must deny his hunger for human flesh while sating his passion for, well, human flesh.

I've read Vampire erotica, hell I've even read werewolf erotica, but this book was my first venture into the world of zombie erotica and I loved it. This book is full of sex, humor, and a zombie on a mission for love. The story itself is a fun concept and probably not for those who don't have a sense of humor about their zombies. When you begin to read it, you kind of feel bad for Peter, having just been killed and all, but as the story progresses, you realize just how much more tail he's getting now that he's dead! And another thing I like about Peter's character is that he isn't a cocky, get all the ass I can get kind of guy. His character seemed sweet and genuine; he just happened to be the luckiest dead dude around! The sex scenes are definitely not for the younger audiences, as they are more "hot and heavy" than romantic. If you don't read erotica often, you may just feel yourself blushing as you read deeper into the book. It's a creative tale with a voice that keeps you entertained for the whole ride. I absolutley enjoyed this book and would recommend it to all open minded zombie fans. You can pick up a copy HERE.

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