Monday, July 26, 2010

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight -

Have you seen the undead walking around your neighborhood? Unsure where to report your sitings so other people know? Are you looking for a reliable zombie extermination service? Well hot damn it's your lucky day! is a site that is made specifically to let others know where the zombies are at, and where you should avoid. Just go to the page, type in your city, and it will let you know if you can stay put in your home, or if you better get the hell out of there before you turn into an all you can eat buffet! They also offer extermination and protection services in case you don't want to leave your home sweet home, but would like to get rid of the smelly undead ruining your rose garden. They even have a hot line to call in and report a siting right away! So if you're in need of a quick zombie map, top notch zombie services, or hell if you just wanna kill some time check out!!!

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iZombie said...

me likey zoombie sites... thank you for this!