Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Experience at the 2010 OSS Cleveland Charity Zombie Walk!

Saturday, I had the pleasure and honor to take part in the 2010 OSS Cleveland Charity Zombie Walk. The walk raised money and food for Hunger for Harvest, a wonderful organization here in Ohio that helps feed the hungry (If you can give, please do. Just a quarter can feed a person!).

Photo By Metro Mix

Horror fans from all over Cleveland came together for a day filled with blood, gore, and kick ass music by Studbulls Disco Biscuit! The event was thrown by Old School Sinema, and amazing Cleveland based horror film production company.
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I got to talk to so many wonderful fans and film makers alike. When they say the horror community is like a family, they mean it. Everyone that I had the pleasure to meet were courteous and took some time to stop and chat about films, blogs, and everything else under the sun!

Large tents were put up in the back of The Five 'OClock Lounge for people to get their makeup done professionally for a small fee (it was only $1 for blood, $3 for air brushing, and $10 for full gore, how sweet is that!). I, being broke as I always am, did my own makeup but absolutely enjoyed looking at the wonderful work done by the artists.

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The event even had some sweet free goodies for all the zombies. Free t-shirts, water bottles, and posters from the new Nightmare on Elm Street film were given out to random people throughout the event (I got a poster and bottle myself). And even Freddy himself made an appearance (or someone in a mask, you be the judge)!

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The walk itself was about a mile long and the looks on the faces of those watching the walk was priceless. One of the little zombies in the walk (it was for all ages) even had a zombie juice stand for all the thirsty zombies out there! It was simply amazing and fun to be a part of this. Over 500 zombies, walking together as one, brilliant! The next walk will be sometime in September and I can't wait! Visit the OSS website, myspace, or Facebook for more info!

Photo By Jessika Gosen Photography

Sending Deadly Kisses,
Rhonny Reaper


Zach S. said...

so nuts to see another Cleveland horror fan do it right! Keep up the good fight and the fun times.

iZombie said...

in the immortal words of drew carey... Cleveland Rotz...

Joe Monster said...

Wow! That looks like some serious fun! I wish we could have something as cool as that in the Floridian depths I'm imprisoned in. Do drooling senior citizens in cars count as the driving dead?

Rhonny Reaper said...

ha ha ha they just might! does a bite with dentures count?

iZombie said...

but only between... 3 and 4 pm...