Thursday, April 29, 2010

ABC's Happy Town: The New Twin Peaks?

Last night was the premeir of the new mystery/thriller show called Happy Town. It's the story of a small town with big secrets. The last five years there have been pretty much crime free, but a gruesome murder has everyone on edge now. Before the five year stint of peace, there was a series of disappearances, one person a year, said to be commited by "The Magic Man". Who is this mysterious person? Well we must keep watching to find out.

There have been many comparisons made throughout the press comparing this show to the classic Twin Peaks series, and I must say I understand where this comparison comes from. Both are small town mysteries revolving around murder and a mystery man committing the acts. I think it's too early in the series to really say if the two shows could really be compared, but I can say that hopefully all these comparison's will make the younger audiences take a look at the classic show. Who knows, maybe this could be the new Peaks of our generation!

The first episode was very entertaining to watch. The plot seemed very strong and the acting was as well. Sam Neill was the best actor of the show. His character is both debonair and sinister, and even though he's old enough to be my grandpa, his accent is just so damn hot! The first episode opened with a gruesome murder and ended with a big twist, a cop went nuts, and those we thought were innocent were not as they appeared. This show has got major potential and I assure you, I will keep watching!


Joe Monster said...

Awesome write up, Ms. Reaper. I was hoping to catch the premiere but sadly missed it. Hopefully I'll be able to track down the first episode before next week's show.

Rhonny Reaper said...

omg the ending was awesome! I hope you find a video of it!