Friday, April 30, 2010

Introducing Your Barely Rotten Girl Next Door: Joie Dunham

A little while ago, the Barley Rotten Girls had a facebook photo contest called The Barley Rotten Girl Next Door contest. Ladies from all over sent in photos to show just how sexy a zombie could be, and a little less than two weeks ago, the winners were announced. So let me introduce you to the Barely Rotten Girl Next Door herself, Joie Dunham!

Bio: I enjoy spending time with my family...My beautiful daughter, and my awesome husband, Keith, and with my friends. I like nice quiet evenings almost as much as I like to go out and let my hair down! I'm comfortable in a business suit in a board room as well as in a t-shirt and jeans watching the LSU game drinking a few beers. I like museums, art, theater, live music, ballet, opera, and here goes nothing...zoning out to some good music, working out, enjoying the outdoors, sunrises, sunsets, beaches, wearing my cowgirl hat with a pair of black leather hip huggers. Or just being one of the guys for a little while.
I really love expressing my creative side. Whether it be through modeling, make up, photography, acting, or writing. There is nothing I like more than to watch a good horror movie, all curled up on the sofa. I've always loved that. My all time favorite Horror film Has got to be "The Exorcist". Damn movie scarred me emotionally for years. Now that's when you know it was a good movie.
Other than that, I am your average dork. I love Star Wars, Adult Swim, Computers, and hanging out with people who aren't afraid to act silly and have a sense of humor, though mine is rather twisted. I love all of my fans, and truly thank everyone who has supported me in my modeling career, and Thank Mass Casualty Comics, and The Barely Rotten Girls for this opportunity.

And here is a Dollar Bin Horror exclusive interview with the lovely Joie, PLUS a brand new pic for your viewing pleasure!

Q: What inspired you to enter the contest?

A:Well, I have always been infatuated with horror movies, and Zombie movies are right at the top of my list. I also wanted to practice my make up skills. I'm so used to doing glam make up, I wanted to see if i could actually pull off some FX work. Not to mention the fact, that I have always wondered what I would look like as a zombie.

Q: How long did the make-up take to apply?

A: The make up took about an hour and a half. It went from my face to my hips, along with the hair.

Q: Your facebook is full of amazing and beautiful photographs you've been in, How long have you been modeling and what is your favorite part about it?

A: Thank you, I have been modeling for about 6 years now. I love modeling because to me, its more than about just posing in front of a camera. It allows me to express myself as an artist. It's an outlet for my creativity and passion. I am also a Modeling coach, and an actor, a graphic artist, and a writer.

Q: We all know you make a lovely zombie, but what is your favorite zombie film?

A: It's a toss up. I love the classics. I am going to say the ORIGINAL Dawn of the Dead, and then...I just LOVE Shaun of the Dead as well. Horror and comedy usually doesn't work well together, but they nailed it on that film.

Q: What are your future plans in modeling and what other ventures would you like to take in the horror world?

A: I am definitely going to be doing a lot more work with the Barely Rotten Girls!!!! I have a few clothing lines i am working with right now, trying to come up with a custom line. I want to keep modeling and having fun. Do more of my artistic gallery nudes. I want to keep pushing the envelope with the edgy raw work. Basically like I said before, keep it fun. I would LOVE to do more acting. I have done a little, but my schedule hasn't allowed me to do more. If I could, I would like to do more Horror films, and be a Hot Horror Icon.

And just a reminder, the Barley Rotten Girls calendar is now available! You can get it and more info about BRG at!


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