Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dollar Bin Film - "Frankenweenie"

When young Victor's pet dog Sparky is hit by a car, Victor decides to bring him back to life the only way he knows how. But when the bolt-necked "monster" wreaks havoc and terror in the hearts of Victor's neighbors, he has to convince them that despite his appearance, Sparky's still the good loyal friend he's always been.
This is one of my yardsale gems. This classic Tim Burton short film is just so damn cute! If you've ever seen this, then you know it's well made, funny, and also a bit emotional. It's a wonderful ode to the classic Frankenstein film but it's a current, fresh, and cute spin on the classic. You just feel good after watching this film! If you haven't seen it, I urge you to find this 27 minute film. You will fall in love, I guarantee it. Also, if your willing to shell out a few extra buckaroos, this film is a bonus feature on the 2 disk special edition of The Nightmare Before Christmas, another of Tim's classics I highly recommend.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Rhonny,

It's been ages since I've seen this short, but I remember it being pretty damned good. And I've heard rumors that Tim Burton is turning it into a full-length animated that should be something to look forward to.


Rhonny Reaper said...

yeah i heard the same thing, and I can't wait!!!

forestofthedead said...

I own the two disc special edition of A Nightmare Before Christmas. Yep. Anyways, this film rules. Tim Burton is a man who lives up his to following.

Grizzly Girl said...

OMG! I remember watching this as a child! I loved it!