Monday, February 22, 2010

Cyber Scream Queen of the Day: Jodie Palmer

It's time for our special Women In Horror Month posts, The Cyber Scream Queen of the Day! The Woman you see highlighted this day and every day this month deserves the recognition for their outstanding achievements in online horror writing.

Name: Jodie Palmer
Site: Dead Lantern
Bio: My name is Jodie (aka Explodey Jo) and I'm from the UK. I got into horror podcasts and blogs when I started listening to the Splattercast about three years ago. I got in touch with the Splatter guys via their forum, and soon became a regular. I appeared on the show twice (the X-Files special and the Women in Horror episode) and began posting to their blog and review section. My main project is a series of reviews of the Video Nasty movies of the 1980s. I plan to watch them all, but some of them are proving hard to track down, especially the fully uncut versions.
My horror tastes are varied. I like most types of horror film, and am slowly getting to see a lot of older ones. My favourites include Alien, Aliens, The Exorcist, Grindhouse, Cape Fear (both versions), The Burning, and At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul. Recent gems I've been lucky enough to see include The Haunting (original), Let the right one in, Hatchet, and Evil Dead Trap.

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