Friday, January 23, 2015

It Came From Netflix:The ABCs of Death(2012)

By Eric Polk-
Nothing like a timely review of a talked-about movie. Before I begin, I'd like to mention the teacher charged with a felony for showing this to her classroom doesn't warrant a jail sentence. Poor judgement? Yes! Deserved to lose her job? Yes! There are a litany of problems in our American education system that should take priority over whether or not someone should go to prison for showing a movie. The priorities of The Powers That Be continue to baffle and irritate this one!.

The ABCs of Death are 26 segments directed by 26 directors popular in the world of horror. There are a variety of stories ranging from The End of The World, animation, Japanese torture porn(!), Man vs. Dog, etc. Like all horror anthologies, there are some great scenes(A,B,H,N, X,Y) but unlike Creepshow, even Tales From The Hood, there are a couple of segments that just go way too far. Showing a man punch a dog even though he has no choice really wasn't necessary. The hooker stomping a kitty made me shut this off for awhile. Thanks to this crap, anything that is good about this movie is overshadowed by certain directors needs to shock rather than tell a story. I'm not saying this is two hours of garbage, but it is pretty close.

If this movie would have kept with some of its humor and, such as in X, a pure revenge motif, I would have enjoyed this much better. For depicting scenes of both animal and child cruelty, I hereby induct The ABCs of Death as the first member into The Crazy Fat Ethel II Hall of Shame:Class of 2015


E.W said...

I watched Jeepers Creepers 3 here

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