Monday, October 6, 2014

Dollar Bin Horror Giveaway - Mini Schitzo Living Dead Doll SIGNED by Ed Long and Damien Glonek!!!

If you haven't heard of Living Dead're reading a blog ran by a woman obsessed with them...yes you have (if you somehow missed all my posts about them, start with my interview with them HERE). And you know you love them. Maybe you won't tell your co-workers that you secretly want to horde little zombie/demon/horror dolls because they would be all freaked out, but you want to. You know you do...and I can help you start! (Holy shit...I sounded like a crack dealer there...anyway, keep reading!)

This past weekend at Cinema Wasteland, I got to hang out with Ed long and Damien Glonek, creators of LDD, once again. They are AWESOME people and if you can make it to a Cinema Wasteland or any convention they may be at, stop by the LDD table and get some dolls! Or go to! This time though, I brought back a little gift for one lucky Dollar Bin Horror reader!!!

This giveaway is for a sealed Schitzo mini LDD signed in person by both Ed and Damien! The signature is on the shrink-wrap, so it's probably best to enjoy this little fella in the box...a little fun fact: Schitzo is based on a serial killer John Wayne Gacy! Winning is pretty simple, as usual. All you have to do is leave a COMMENT to this post with your NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, and tell me if this is your first LDD or if not, how many do you own? I love hearing from other collectors...or converting non-collectors into addicts! The contest will end on October 23rd and the winner will be announced both on the site and on that day's episode of Dollar Bin Horror Radio! This is probably my favorite contest I have done because LDDs are such a huge part of my life and my love for horror, so share with all your friends and good luck!!!


Unknown said...

Cassandra Campos

I love Living Dead Dolls! I have about 170 dolls and they are so fascinating, I can't stop. Best horror dolls in the business! :)

Hope to win this Schitzo mini since I gave mine to a friend. <3

Anonymous said...

Jason Carter

I don't have any LDD but they certainly look creepy enough to collect! :)

Anonymous said...

I would love to win this LDD! I don't have any LDDs, but it would be great to start a collection with Schitzo :)

Amber Terry said...

I don't personally own any of these, but I would LOVE to!! Thanks for the chance to win :)

-Amber Terry-

Jeremy [Retro] said...


I think the first was the original Damien doll [mini]... he is lurking somewhere in my home. Waiting, waiting, waiting...

Anonymous said...

Chris d

Unknown said...

Why the heck wouldn't I try this!
Sitting at around 80 some dolls and I just can't get enough! Wish my wallet was never ending so I can keep funding my addiction. XD


Anonymous said...

I don't own any, but have seen them. Love the look of them!

Matt F

Unknown said...

Letha gonzalez

I currently have 3 dolls but plan on many more to come cause they r amazing ty ed n Damien and Rhonda u rock an awesome collection

Anonymous said...

Georgia keen

LDDs mean everything to me.. I have about 87 now. I love the minis and I really hope to win. LDDs 4 life!! \m/

Ms Misantropia said...

What a lovely creepy giveaway!

I have always loved LDD but they are very hard to come by in Sweden, so I still don't own one.

My email is under "About" on my blog, just follow the link :)

Happy Halloween!

Jeanette J said...

I do not have any LDD but I would love to start a collection with this one.

lindahl at rogers dot com

Anonymous said...

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