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The Halloween Horror Movie Marathon Madness:Weeks 4 and 5-What Eric Watched

By Eric Polk-
Sorry it has taken me so long to post what I watched during the final two weeks of The Madness...Can't believe it has ended so quickly. Yet, I don't end the contest void of seeing anything good.

Day 21
The Walking Dead-"Sick"(S3, Episode 2):An ailing Herschel bedridden, Rick and his merry Walker-killing crew try to adjust to their new surroundings..with disastrous results
7 "WTFS" out of 10...The one singular moment of this episode was Rick and the leader of the prisoners...Anytime I'm yelling at my tv and the Steelers aren't involved then you've got me at my emotional buttons :-)
2 base points(61 mins)
2 pts total
Day 22
Dark Shadows(Episodes 210/211)
I plunged the depths of my dark childhood to watch these first two Netflix offerings dealing with the infamous Collins family.
8 pints of blood out of 10...In this age of stupid reality shows and tame network dramas, Dark Shadows STILL holds up for being unique.
1 base pt total(2 30 min episodes)
Day 23
Night Gallery-"The Dead Man"(S1, Ep 2)
Dr. Radford's patient John Fearing can mimic any disease's symptoms, and is having an affair with Mrs. Radford.
8 Scares out of 10...These early Night Gallery episodes are quite scary for early-70s tv.
0.5 base pts(30 mins)
1 bonus(Rod Serling hosting)
1 pt total.
The Howling II:Your Sister is a Werewolf(1985)
A man  goes out to Transylvania to find the ones responsible for turning his now dead sister into a werewolf
6 Howls out of 10...One big, hairy mess saved only by Christopher Lee's outstanding performance and the wolf kills priest scene.
2 base pts(95 mins)
1 bonus(werewolf)
1 bonus(On screen transformations from human to wolf and back)
1 bonus(Golem:The wolf figure at the top of Stirba's staff comes to life)
5 pts. total
Day 24
South Park-"Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery"(S3, Ep 12)
A roving band of pirate ghosts threaten the town's BIG Halloween Haunt and it's up to the kids and the band Korn to stop them
9 Dead Kennys out of 10...You can never go wrong with a classic
0.5 base pts(30 mins)
1 bonus(Priest Maxi falls from a trap door)
1 pt total
Day 25
South Park-"A Nightmare on Facetime"(S16, Episode 12)
As Halloween approaches, Stan's dad purchases an old Blockbuster video store which slowly begins to consume his soul
0.5 base pts(30 mins)
1 bonus(Butters is dressed as a half-werewolf/half-leprechaun)
1 pt total
The Revenge of Frankenstein(1958)
Dr. Frankenstein begins his experiments anew in a brand new town with a brand new assistant
6 "Errr, friend" out of 10...To be honest, I kept dozing off and on during the movie...never a good sign.
2 base pts(90 mins)
1 bonus(released in 1958)
1 bonus(Golem...Frankenstein's new monster appears)
4 pts. total
Day 26
The Twilight Zone-"Static"(S2, Ep 20)
A cantankerous old man discovers an old-time radio broadcasting old-time programming
7 Fifth Dimensions out of 10-Not the best episode in the arsenal but the story is kind of cute.
0.5 base pts(30 mins)
Godzilla, King of the Monsters(1956)
The Americanized version of the original Gojira film
7 streams of hot breath out of 10-It's a Godzilla film...Don't expect anything more.
2 base pts(80 mins)
1 bonus(released in 1956)
1 bonus(Oh no, there goes Tokyo)
1 bonus(Tidy Monster...Godzilla dissolves and disappears)
5 pts total
Slaughter High(1986)
High School revenge at its finest as a burned, bullied man gets his revenge on his tormentors.
10 "Here's Martys" out of 10-It's my favorite cheeseball 80s slasher film and in my top ten horror films list.
2 base pts(93 mins)
1 bonus(the end scene takes place in an insane asylum...just look at the place and the people in it)
3 pts total
Day 27
American Horror Story:Asylum-"Tricks and Tricks"(S2, Ep 2)
A take on The Exorcist and some shock therapy are in store in this week's episode
8 shock treatments out of 10...I'm being generous because of the shock treatment scene...Wasn't crazy about the exorcism.
2 base pts(62 mins)
1 bonus(Kid dressed in a Frankenstein's monster outfit)
3 pts total
Week 4 total:26 pts.

Week 5

Day 28
The Walking Dead(S3,Ep3)-Walk With Me
The focus turns to a small little town and a rather sadistic leader in this episode
8 WTF's out of 10....
Two weeks in a row that I've yelled at the tv during a non-Steelers event....I believe in Season 3!
1 base pt(60 mins)
Day 29
Twilight Zone(Season5, Ep 3)-"Nightmare at 20,000 Feet"
A recently released mental patient must contend with a creature on the wing of an airplane
5 Dimensions out of 5...What's I can say about this episode has already been said...DYK, the episode writer is Richard Matheson who would later write the classic Star Trek:TOS episode "The Enemy Within"?
0.5 base pts.(30 mins)
Day 30
The Horror of Stephen King
A look at the world of horror films through the eyes of a master of the horror genre
5 buckets of pigs blood out of 5
When Stephen King talks, I shut up and listen
2 base pts(75 mins)
Day 31
The American slasher movie that started it all
10 Boogeymen out of 10...I defy anyone over that doesn't like this movie and who claims to be a horror fan.
2 base pts(90 mins)
1 bonus...A scene takes place outside of an insane asylum
3 pts total

Battlestar Galactica(new)-(S1, Episode 11)"Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down"
Colonel Tigh's presumably dead with returns
5 Fraks out of 10...This episode's attempt at humor is as bad as a mashed mushy
1 base pt(60 mins)

Rosemary's Baby-
A pregnant woman fears that her husband may have made a pact with their eccentric neighbors, believing he may have promised them the child to be used as a human sacrifice in their occult rituals in exchange for success in his acting career.
9 Father's Eyes out of 10...You don't even realize you're watching a horror film until the trippy rape scene(not that actual rape is trippy)...and then you're back at square one until the end...Well-acted, headscratching.
2.5 base pts(136 mins)
2.5 pts total

Week 5 total:10 pts

And that's the end of the Facebook portion of The Madness...I still have The Fatal Four-Way Grand Match of My Madness...and the final entrant into this dance of the damned....A movie revolving around the Son of Satan....

So it's Aliens vs. Creature vs. The Horror of Dracula vs. Rosemary's Baby...I will watch each movie throughout the movie of November and declare a winner at the end of the month(barring any unforeseen circumstances involving my move)

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