Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cyber Scream Queen of the Day: The Zombie Grrlz

It's time for our special Women In Horror Month posts, The Cyber Scream Queen of the Day! The Woman you see highlighted this day and every day this month deserves the recognition for their outstanding achievements in online horror writing.

Name: The Zombie Grrlz (Racheal, Summer, Ariel, and Briane)
Podcast: Zombie Grrlz
Bio: The Zombie Grrlz crew is made up of Zombie Grrl (me!), Lady Succubus (Summer), The Last Grrl (Ariel) and The Re-Animatress (Brianne). For as long as we've been friends the four of us have been getting together to watch horror films, from high school slumber parties (that resulted in sleepless nights) to present day Zombie Grrlz' Movie and Potluck Night at my house, one thing hasn't changed over the years, and that is the important role horror has played both in our lives--and our friendships.
So after years of geeking out over horror flicks and talking about them together, we finally decided to put the popcorn down, come out from under the security of our Snuggies (mine is the stylish leopard print one, jealous?) and record our fanatic mumblings, which became the Zombie Grrlz Podcast. We're an all-female show that focuses on horror in film, TV, books (occasionally) and games, and we take a look at the genre from feminist (and geeky fan girl) perspective. We review movies, chat about horror news and rumors, discuss the role of women in the genre, use plenty of salty language and occasionally burst into song.
In a nutshell we are feminist chicks who love horror flicks!
Support female podcasters by voting for us! We've been nominated for a Splatcademy Award for Best Horror Podcast by the fellas over at Dead Lantern. Cast your vote here:


Scare Sarah said...

I had not heard of this! Thanks Rhonny! This sounds so much fun!

Rhonny Reaper said...

it is! i love these girls! I was interviewed on their most recent podcast and it was a blast!

deadlydolls said...

I found these ladies via the Horror Etc podcast but I'm still behind on their episodes, as they run like highly entertaining marathons. Definitely worth checking out, especially their list of great zombie video games (although they somehow, gasp, neglected the best of all time, Zombies Ate My Neighbors!).

Explodey Jo said...

Love those ZombieGrrlz :)