Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cyber Scream Queen of the Day: Brittney-Jade Colangelo

It's time for our special Women In Horror Month posts, The Cyber Scream Queen of the Day! The Woman you see highlighted this day and every day this month deserves the recognition for their outstanding achievements in online horror writing.

Name: Brittney-Jade Colangelo (BJ-C)
Blog: Day of the Woman
Bio: On a personal level, I'm a Theatre and English student at Western Illinois University as well as the feature baton twirler for the Marching Leathernecks. I started DotW for the sheer fact that for some reason or another, people think the horror genre is dying. I want to change that opinion. I am only 19 years old, female, a competitive baton twirler, a beauty queen, poster child for my former high school (literally, I'm on the website) and yet I live and breathe horror films. I like that I don't quite "fit in" with the stereotypical horror fanatic. I've never fully fit the mold of anything, and that's something I take great pride in. I'm one of the youngest horror bloggers out there, but I like to think I can hold my own with the best of them. Mainly because, regardless of my age, I'm a raging fangirl at heart, and that's what really matters. At my blog, I intertwine wit, sass, femininity, intelligence and a teaspoon of sarcasm for good measure. The horror industry is totally male-dominated, from its directors to its slashers, and even its bloggers... and I think that needs to change. My lifetime obsession with horror has turned me into one of the coolest fangirls you're likely to meet.Outside of my sarcastic commentary on DotW, I am a writer for Horror Society, Bloody-Disgusting and the newly crowned Ms. Horror Blogosphere. I started writing to show the world that horror is thriving through the generations that weren't born in the Golden age, and that the future of horror is bright and booming :)


Aleata Illusion(GoreGoreDancer) said...

Love Day of the woman,Britteny knows her stuff!=]

B-Sol said...

Agreed! Thanks for spotlighting the Vault's sister blog, Rhonny!

RK said...

i have always been in love with DOTW! along with DBH, VOH, it is my favorite blogs to read!

BJ Colangelo said...

Aw thanks kids :) <3