Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dollar Bin Film - "Swamp Women"

An undercover policewoman helps three female convicts escape from prison so that they can lead her to a stash of stolen diamonds hidden in a swamp. This movie has everything a bad B-movie asks for baby! Bad acting? Check. Hot girls in shorts? Check. Totally fake looking alligator? Check. Looks like it was made for no more than $50? Check that one too! If you like bad movies and hot girls fighting in a swamp, what more could you ask?!?
P.S. if you REALLY broke, This film has fallen into the public domain and can be freely downloaded from
Sending Deadly Kisses,
Rhonny Reaper


Tower Farm said...

Wow. I have never heard of it. I will check out the download. Great review, as always.


Rhonny Reaper said...

Thanks :) hope you like it!

Bill said...

I was dumbfounded by this one the first time I saw it. It just struck me as such a weak film. On the other hand, it does star the talented Beverly Garland.