Friday, July 4, 2014

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight (AND Giveaway!) - eXXXploitees

Hey everyone! I know it's been too damn long since I posted a giveaway (or even posted for that matter) but hopefully the sheer awesomeness of these shirts will make up for it...

Chris Sink is a man of many talents. He's a painter (his true crime ones of Ed Gein and Albert Fish being my favorites), he's a tattoo artist out of  Louisville, and he makes killer T-shirts from films that are hard to find shirts of! eXXXploitees is his company and he makes thick, high quality 100% cotton shirts printed with plastisol ink. Each shirt is hand screened and features designs from horror, exploitation, grind house, sleaze, and cult films. Do you know how hard it is to find a shirt for fucking "Manos: The Hands of Fate"? Who the hell makes that!?! Well, Chris does as you can see below!

The movie so..."nice"...they had to name it twice!...literally, it's fucking hands in spanish...
Chris likes to keep the designs old-school and simple and in his own words, here's why:

"What I try to do with my shirts is to offer designs that aren't widely available. It seems like every is either doing the exact same designs, or they're doing more comedic takes on them. While I don't think there is anything wrong with that at all, and I do own TONS of those shirts myself, I just started to miss the days of simple one or two color, straightforward designs. I think that stems from growing up in the punk rock scene in the late 80's, when that was mostly what you found. Simple, straight up designs in either black or white ink, hand screened nice and thick, on good quality shirts. Not a cheap transfer on a thin shirt. I also started to notice that there were a lot of movies that didn't have shirts available, so one day I thought "Why not do them myself?". I started with a few and then I noticed that people started asking me where I got them, and if I would make one for them. And so here I am... haha."

And the prices are just right. Starting at $20, you can get great shirts from your favorite grindhouse flicks. Personally, my favorite is Mark of the Devil (the top pic), but any one of them would be a treat to own...which is exactly what will happen to one lucky DBH reader!!!

eXXXploitees has generously given one lucky DBH reader the chance to receive their choice of any one shirt from the eXXXploitees's Etsy store in their choice of size. All you have to do is go to the store (, make the toughest decision of your life and choose your favorite design, then come back to this post and comment which shirt it is with your NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS! PLEASE remember to leave an email or I will not be able to contact you! The winner will be chosen randomly (I pull names out of my magical hat of free shit) and announced/contacted on July 18th (in two weeks). I will put your name in the hat twice if you "Like" their Facebook page ( Add to your comment here that you liked them so I know. Remember, the contest ends July 18th so enter, share with your friends, and good luck! A HUGE Thank You to Chris and eXXXploitees for allowing us to do this giveaway and for making some of the most kick ass underground shirts out there!!! Buy them NOW!

Check out the shop at

Check out Chris' art and tattoos at

"Like" eXXXploitees at


Katie H said...

I'd like the Nekromantik tee!

Katie H.

& I liked the Facebook page

Anonymous said...

Ilsa! Black, XXL

Tom Lawrence


Amber Terry said...

It is incredibly hard to choose, but I would go with Spider Baby.

Liked the page on Facebook (as Amber Terry)!

Thank you for the chance to win :)

Slaughter Film said...

"Cannibal Girls" in Large. What an underrated and entertaining films.

- Cory Carr
- vikingwarrior814 at hotmail dot com
- I Liked their Facebook

Anonymous said...

THE OBLONG BOX 1969 In XXL. I never I thought I'd see the day where someone made a shirt for an often overlooked and quite frankly forgotten film. Flippin Awesome!

Randy Brown
ogrebrown73 at aol com

I'm going to add this site to my recommended t-shirt sites on my Monster Club Facebook page as well. Nice shirts!

Anonymous said...

Pieces for the win?


Pierre Mosbey said...

Manos! Large

Pierre Mosbey

Liked on FB too!!!

Savage Henry said...

I love the Basket Case shirt!

Kelly Redrum said...

NEKROMANTIK !! Also liked their Facebook page.

JP Wendel said...

Such a hard choice, but I think I have to go with The Beyond.

JP Wendel