Friday, June 6, 2014

The Girl Who Played With The Dead Debuts Tonight!!!!

If you found last night's interview with Wrestlecrap's Blade Braxton and movie director Cory Udler...stimulating... then you will enjoy their latest movie adventure The Girl Who Played With The Dead.

Lauren loves carnage, destruction, necrophilia, get the idea. When she decides she's had enough her dead sister, Satan and his lesbians, Ed Gein, Jeffrey Dahmer and her own mind work against her to make sure she remains on the dark side.

Starring Kristen Casey, Shannon Lark, Greg Johnson, Tom Lodewyck, Katie Paul, Tom Running, Lloyd Kaufman, Shae Larson, Kymm Hartzheim, Neil Miller, Nate Domier, Mike Eauslin and Blade Braxton "The Girl Who Played With The Dead" promises nothing more than a super fucking weird movie for those of you who dig on that shit!

Click here for the trailer:

And you can catch the debut of this movie tonight, free of charge, over on starting at 11pm EST!

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