Friday, February 14, 2014

Rhonny Reaper's Top 5 Horror Movie Couples

First off, Happy Valentine's Day to all the love birds out there! No matter if you're snuggling with a loved on, or if you're alone and cuddling a nice bottle of wine (like me), there's no reason you can't make the best of this day of love, especially if you love horror! So in honor of this special day, I'd like to share alist of my favorite horror couples, both traditional and not-so-much

#5. Norman Bates and his Mommy
Nothing is more touching or heart warming than the bond between a son and his mother...unless he keeps her corpse locked away upstairs and dresses up like her when he feels like doing a little murder. Loosely based on the real life relationship of serial killer Ed Gein, Norman's obsession with his beloved mother is beyond insane. Taught that all women, except for herself of course, are whores and that sex is evil, it's no wonder he grew a little too attached! He "becomes" her and when he grows an interest in another woman, mommy is none too happy! While not a traditional "couple" in the sense of boyfriend and girlfriend, it certainly stands as one of the most sick and twisted relationships in horror movie history and deserves a spot on my list.

#4. Frank Zito and his mannequins
Franky is a P.I.M.P.! He's got girlfriends to spare lying around the back of his shop...too bad they're not real women, but mannequins with the scalps of his victims stapled to their heads! Another one with mommy issues, Frank just can't control his rage. Even when he tries to enjoy time with a real woman, memories of his prostitute come creeping in and he just has to kill her...but not before taking a reminder back home in the form of their scalp. His delusions make it seem as though the mannequins are the women he's killed and when he finally gets a hold of the scalp from his favorite woman, man do the others become jealous! They rip him into pieces (so to speak)! Frankie and hist life sized dolls are another not-so-traditional example, but man do they make quite the perfect pair!

#3. Mickey and Mallory Knox
What can bring two hearts together in true love? How about murder and publicity! Isn't it romantic to reminisce about how you first met? Especially when you both kill her parents as a first date and take hostages as your wedding reception! Even after the two get locked up AFTER getting bit by a rattle snake and beat to hell by the po-po, nothing can keep them apart! Yes, they're psychopaths who love the attention from the media when they slaughter people and leave one witness as a signature, but I mean come on! These two are in love and make the PERFECT couple...they have a lot of the same interests at least! And as you see from the ending of the film, the next generation of Natural Born Killers are here!!!

#2. Frankie and his Bride
All he wanted was for someone to love him for what's on the inside instead of run from his monstrous appearance. He didn't ask to be brought back from the dead, but he was, and no one deserves to be alone! So with "a little" convincing, he has Dr. Frankie make him a mate...only no one told her! She comes back from the dead, not knowing what the hell is going on, and sees a big monster petting on her hand. Both of these poor souls did not expect to be in this situation. Both were in their graves, resting in peace and all, and BAM! They were brought back with some lightning by a man who should have just let well enough alone! Everytime I see the monster go for the leaver and call out "We belong dead" with a tear in his eye, I can't help but to start balling like a girly girl at some crappy lovey-dovey movie. It's such a sad story and yet a beautiful, classic film that everyone, horror fan or not, should see at least a dozen times in their lives!

#1 Chucky and Tiffany
Come one, did you really think anyone could top my list other than these two!?! It's absolutely no shocker that Chucky and Tiffany would top the list as my favorite horror couple! In one movie, they go threw everything as relationship can...they date, they get married, they fight, they kill each other...perfect date night film (not to mention the next film with their adorable yet very confused son/daughter, Glen/Glenda)! Another couple brought together for their love of murder and mayhem, these two have a little more of a complicated situation...they're in the bodies of 3 foot tall dolls thanks to some voodoo! Tiffany is like my Martha Steward, I've adored her ever since Bride of Chucky film first came out. And Chucky is a LEGEND in the horror world and his presence in the hearts of horror fans cannot be denied. I've been obsessed with these two since I was 9 (holy shit, I feel old...), so to have anyone one else top my list would be sinful (especially since I have both of them in my bedroom right now...would be a bit odd to piss them off...right?...*looks behind me*)

So there you have it, my top 5 horror couples! Hope you enjoyed this little post and that it inspires you to hug a loved one a little closer today...even if they're a psychopathic serial killer who perhaps has a mom complex and a fascination with voodo magic!

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