Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - Caesar & Otto's Deadly Xmas

With the holiday season approaching, Caesar and Otto find themselves employed at Xmas Enterprises Inc., where a disgruntled employee wearing a Santa suit has begun a killing spree and has appeared to have found himself the perfect patsies.

David Campfield is at it again. His perfectly imperfect duo, Caesar and Otto, are back with another trip into the bizarre with a Christmas twist. The film begins with Caesar about to throw his annual Thanksgiving "dinner" when low and behold, everyone on his invite list calls and cancels (not a big surprise after viewing the menu). When all looks like it'll be another crappy holiday, his agent, played by just one of the fabulous guest stars Linnea Quigley, calls him with a job offer...playing a Santa Claus for a company called Xmas Enterprise (no, not "Christmas", the film, you'll get it). Turns out Caesar, who as his agent states never turns down a job, is terrified of the old jolly red man due to a truly fucked up tale of what Santa does to the naughty kids (men will wince), told to him by insanely awesome guest star #2 Lloyd Kaufman. After a talk with his half-brother Otto, they decide to audition together and Otto gets the Santa while Caesar is his elf. Deron Miller (of CKY fame) returns as well, this time as a Santa with a bad case of the murders. He decides to take this list of people who cancelled on Caesar's dinner and turns it into a list of soon-to-be victims in a hilarious and bloody roller coaster ride filled with plenty of homages to the 'Silent Night, Deadly Night' films. As with David's previous Caesar and Otto films, this one is super low budget, filled with plenty of cheap effects and blood, and has the funniest and wittiest banter between the sweet yet gullible Otto and the flamboyantly arogant and mean (in a funny way) Caesar (the two even make an appearance on the "Dr. Pheel" show discussing their issues...and the Doc seems to have a few issues of his own). The film has some side stories to add to the mix as well as an ending that...well I'm not gonna spoil to much, but let's just say another dude with a lot of "red" in his history is fueling the crazy happenings in the film (again, watch the movie, you'll get it...I think). And as David warned me before watching, stay in your seats for the credits! Another wonderful ode to Silent Night, Deadly Night that will leave you in stitches awaits those who do. To sum it up, Deadly Xmas is a fantastic addition to the  Caesar & Otto films. While low in budget, it's high in laughs and is absolutely worth a viewing (or two). Take a peek at the trailer and head over to to learn more.

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