Friday, March 1, 2013

DBH Article:Tea and an Ode to Nancy

By Eric Polk-
Sup Reaps! Eric here, back and ready to rock once again on this glorious blog site known as Dollar Bin Horror. Feels like a month of Sundays since I lasted posted on this fine site. For you new readers, let me give you a brief rundown on what I bring to this 4X Rondo Award-nominated site. While Rhonda, our founder and co-conspirator, brings you the world of the modern day horror warrior, I'm the retro guy, the one who grew up in the 1980s and privileged to have witnessed perhaps horror's truly last golden age(up for debate, of course)firsthand. Thus, I bring some old-school sensibility to the brand. And with that,here goes an article regarding my favorite horror scream queen.

These telemarketers are getting really tough

Certainly the world of horror has given us fans a plethora of beauties as far back as one can remember. Janet Leigh,Fay Wray, Barbara Steele, Karen Black, Jamie Lee Curtis(yes, the one who plugs poop yogurt these days), Neve Campbell, Betsy Russell to name a few. However, when asked who my favorite lady of my favorite genre is, I reply Heather Langenkamp.

...and then this freaky fat guy who writes for a dollar bin blog told me I was his favorite....
Ah yes, while Mrs. Langenkamp may not fit the blond haired, big-breasted cliched horror movie gal, it is actually one of the reasons why I like her as much as I do. Let's face it, when you're taking on a monster as omnipotent as the Razored One, you going to need all of your wits(I said WITS, you pervs, lol). You'll need to forget about everything you were brought up to believe about reality and the bogeyman and, sadly, you'll probably have to go cuckoo for Coco Puffs in the bargain. Defeating Freddy Krueger for the first time required her to have a lot of wisdom in her arsenal, and she had this in spades. As her mother put it(and I'm paraphrasing), her strength was her gift.


One reason she may have survived her nightmares?Unlike many horror movies queens(character-wise), she didn't have a lot of demons to carry in her psyche. Sure, her mom, an alcoholic, and dad are divorced, but you  hardly see any angst from this. She didn't partake in the 'sin factor' and she carried the All-American Girl quality I find intriguing. To put it another way, she is everything one hopes a teenager can be.Thus, when Freddy came a-calling in the final battle, she beat him.

Of course, she'd reappear in NOES 3 and Wes Craven's New Nightmare and while the impact she has on me isn't quite the same in these movies, I still grin every time I see her on screen.

Finally, I'd like to take a moment to thank the folks involved in the Rondo Awards for nominating DBH once again in the category of Best Blog. I'm extremely honored and flattered that our work continues to be recognized. When I get involved on this blog back in 2009, I didn't go into this seeking internet fame or fortune. I did this(and continue still)because I've loved  this genre of movies and culture ever since the days of  rented vcrs and trips to the horror section of the mom and pop video store with my dad when I was around 8. For those who enjoy mine and Rhonda's posts, thank you. We will continue to do the best work we possibly can. Thanks again!

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