Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A few videos you should check out

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts as of late. With Eric still settling down in his new home and me working till 11pm, it's been a little rough keeping up with shit on the site. But never fear, I got some reviews lined up for the coming weeks and today, I thought I'd take a moment to share a few videos that I think are work a look.

The first is a sneak peak at the Maniac remake (yes, I know, ANOTHER remake...but seriously, as fucked up as it may seem I am behind this one 100%). This is the first 6 minutes of the film. It definitely has a different feel from the original and so far I really like what I'm seeing (and not just because I have a fascination with Elijah Wood that requires therapy and a restraining order). It's not as "dirty" or "greasy" feeling, but it feels dark as hell and after I saw it, I was pissed that there wasn't more! The film is released in France now but a US date has yet to be announced (IFC I believe has the DVD rights, but hasn't said when yet, or at least I have not read it...GOD DAMMIT GET ON IT!) And from the review from Bloody-Disgusting.com (click HERE), it seems to be as good as I imagined (I NEED TO SEE THIS FILM NOW!)

The second is the trailer for Warm Bodies. Now, over the last few weeks, I have stated we don't need a fucking zombie Twilight...but after watching the trailer (finally after being a stubborn jackass for a while), I admit I may have been wrong about the film. It actually looks good! It's not "Twilight" at all, but more of a comedy with some pretty funny lines. Yes, there is a love story between a Human and a Zombie, but after you watch the trailer, hopefully you'll see what I mean and understand why I have officially changed my mind and now plan to see the film (also, can't go wrong with John Malkovich as a zombie huntin' mofo...just saying).

The last video I wanna share is a little funny bit from the always fabulous David Campfield (of Caesar and Otto's Summer Camp Massacre). It's a cute little short about a giant fucking rodent on a murderous spree...and also a great little lead in to see what's coming up next for David (which I CANNOT wait to see, cause Caesar and Otto's Summer Camp Massacre was absolutely awesome and I've been waiting FOREVER to see more!). So just check this little video out and support some indie horror!

Alright, there you have it! Watch these videos, then go about your lives while I go see a doc as I hack out my lungs from Pneumonia or the Flu...Brutal!

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MoreThanHorror.com said...

Huuuum? As i surf your blog a bit, i am getting more and more intrigued by these guys. They are horribly entertaining. Thumbs up. :)