Tuesday, October 2, 2012

DBHR's Redbox Theatre presents:Silent House(2011)

By Eric Polk-
The older I get, the more I prefer suspense in my horror films. You can only hack, slash, and decapitate so many times before it becomes monotonous in my view. Haunted house movies are a perfect way to fulfil my desire for mind scares-that is unless the film I'm watching is a remake of which I had no idea up until I researched this film.....FML!!!!!

No, seriously, Silent House is without a doubt one of the most boring horror films I've seen since the extremely overrated House of the Devil. There's a fine line between suspense and being injected with a gallon of triptophan. This movie, directed by the same people who brought us 2003's Open Water, falls in the latter half of my comparison.

The plot focuses on a young woman, Sarah, who is terrorized in her family vacation home while cleaning up the property with her father and uncle. Due to petty fighting between Sarah's uncle and her father, her uncle decides to take a break from working and drives into town to get tools. While her father works upstairs, there is a knock on the door and Sarah answers it, meeting a young woman named Sophia who claims to be one of Sarah's childhood friends, though Sarah does not remember her. The two plan to meet again later.

Soon after, Sarah hears strange noises upstairs and immediately notifies her father which is where it all falls apart for me. Later, she finds her father dead.  Yes, I do appreciate you can see the things that are coming after her and yes, I appreciate the fact that she is being psychologically tortured. However, these pleasant treats are washed away in a sea of inactivity that just didn't hold my interest at all.

Eventually she escapes sees a young girl on the side of the road who disappears before her eyes. Her uncle returns and insists on driving them back to the house to rescue her father, despite Sarah's plea that they should both go get help. Not adhering to her uncle's request to stay put, they find her father's body is missing. Afterwards, the house's generator goes ka-put and through a series of incoherent camera flashes, Sarah sees the young girl in the room as well as an unidentifiable man. The power returns to reveal that her uncle is now missing.
What happens next make me cringe in disgust because they deal with an issue that makes me want to break stuff. I needed a shower after that. I'll give them a point for bringing that emotion out in me. However, there are far better movies that deal with this issue coupled with the haunted house setting. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!

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