Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Looking for Zombie Poetry!!!

I am compiling a free Ebook of Zombie themed Poetry called "Rhonny Reaper's Poetry from the Grave." It'll be an anthology done before Halloween. I'm looking for zombie themed poetry. Simple as that. No length limit or minimum (haikus welcome too!). You can submit more than one poem (up to three). There won't be a max limit on poems in the book. This is just going to be a free fun ebook for the holiday! The only thing is no overly sexual content (got a submission for a story once with graphic "fisting" in it...no no no!) Zombie violence and gore is perfectly fine though! lol These poems should be scary, but fun too!

Submissions MUST be in by Oct 15th. I know this isn't a lot of time which is why I'm doing poetry instead of short stories (plus I thought it would be fun!). There isn't any pay since it's a free book but you'll be able to download it and your name will appear in the book (duh!)

If you're interested let me know! All poems should be sent to me at Rhonnyreaper@yahoo.com by Oct 15th with the subject line POEMS FROM THE GRAVE. In the email, please include a 4-5 sentence bio (gotta keep em a bit short) and you MUST write this statement giving me permission to use the poem:

"I, insert name, agree to allow my work, insert title, to be published in the free Ebook "Rhonny Reaper's Poetry from the Grave". By agreeing to this, I state that I have full ownership of this work and can give this permission. I also agree that I keep all rights to the work and am free to republish at any time."

I already have art from Ginger Rose for a comic intro (like my other anthologies) and the cover is by Cinsearae Santiago! So if you're interested let me know and write some poetry!!!

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