Saturday, September 8, 2012

I Need You, Yes You!

Hi folks! Its Brandon Sites, your Dollar Bin Horror Radio co-host here taking a one hour break from filmmaking to discuss my newest project entitled "Fat Kid Massacre". This past summer I shot two feature length films back to back entitled "Urban Legends" & "Truth or Dare". We are now hard at work on our third feature. 

In between, we shot a short film version for "Fat Kid Massacre" as a sort of preview of things to come. In this age of bland remakes and unoriginal concepts, I think we have featured a death sequence unlike anything else that you will see in any other horror film.  

We're trying to create a slasher film with a classic setup, but then goes off in a new direction with creative deaths. We tried to feature just the right amount of comedy, but most importantly the right amount of horror as well. With the short, I think we accomplished just that.

Now we're in the middle of financing for the feature length version, but we need your help if it is going to happen. If you like what you saw in the short film, please consider contributing. We're really trying to do something different, but without your help it won't happen. 

So why don't you take a moment to watch the short film version of "Fat Kid Massacre" down below and then consider contributing to the feature and claim a cool perk in the process as well. Attached to the feature length version is an all star cast of horror actors including Shawn C. Phillips (Syfy's Haunted High), Ryan Sandefur (Truth or Dare), Sierra Holmes (VH1's Scream Queens: Season 2) and Kaylee Williams (Slices of Life).

To view Fat Kid Massacre:
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