Monday, July 2, 2012

Eric's Horror Alphabet:"C" is for Crawlspace (1986)

By Eric Polk-
C is for Cookie, too but, since Cookie Monster isn't featured in any horror films I can recall, it's not good enough for me. Anyway, as I grow older, I grow more fond of horror films that have a kind of creep factor. A nastiness that makes me want to take a shower after a viewing. With Crawlspace, directed by David Schmoeller, we are treated to a creepfest along the lines of Dr, Hannibal Lecter and the Nazi dentist from Marathon Man.

Storywise, the plot is simple enough. A man(played by Klaus Kinski)who runs an apartment house for women is the demented son of a Nazi surgeon who has the house equipped with secret passageways, hidden rooms and torture and murder devices. Voyeurism at its greasiest. In addition, a Nazi hunter makes his acquittance, waiting to lower the boom on Mr. Lonely.   One by one, the tenants, become his victims ...each one put to a gruesome test though not a Jigsaw test...A good thing.

Though there is no suspense to speak of, the clue holding this film together is the landlord with his convincing psychosis and his tormenting and teasing of his victims save for his Nazi hunter friend who gets it in the end...quite painfully. I'm still sore thinking about it.

Crawlspace really wants you to get inside of the mind of this butcher and it succeeds. While you can't feel sorry for this man, at least he doesn't come off as a schulmp ala some other horror characters of that time.

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