Thursday, June 28, 2012

It Came From Netflix:Sleepaway Camp II:Unhappy Campers(1988)

By Eric Polk-

Now that I've ruined the twist from the original Sleepaway Camp, it's time to pray in vain for a savior to rise from the streets of direct-to-video sequel HELL!!! On the previous episode of DBHR, I was gently chastised from my radio mates, Rhonda and Brandon, for not having seen this sooner. 'I'm the 80s kid', I was in full horror bloom when this video made its way to the mom and pop vid stores across America.

My only excuse is the fact I had and still have an aversion to straight-to-video b.s. Anyone who survived the stupidity that is Crazy Fat Ethel II or Woodchipper Massacre can sympathize with me regarding these movies. Yet, thanks to a well-done video review courtesy of The Cinema Snob, my curiosity just couldn't be satiated regarding this.

It's four years later and by some weird plot device, Angie is out of the nuthouse and not only does she have a job as a camp counselor, but she also got a complete body makeover...Actually, I think it's just Wendy Williams from the Porky's trilogy...Oh wait, it's Springsteen's sister Pamela???? Well hell, didn't Toto write a song about you earlier that year???

                (Sorry Reaps, if she were named Rosanna at least then it would have been tolerable)

Anyhoo, from around the five minute mark, Angie proceeds to whack campers and counselors who indulge in that oh-so-clever sin factor. Along the way, we are treated to THE WORST PANTY RAID EVER!!!! Before then, however, we are subjected to this...


                                                             OH HELLZ NO!!!


                                                              CUT THAT OUT!!!!

I give up...Anyway, Pamela Springsteen shows that musical talent isn't an inherited trait. Meanwhile, the kills continue with such continuity wonders as death by an unlit match. Then, there's probably the best scene in the film. She called have called Roto-Rooter but she chose instead a more cost-effective kill. Since this is a Sleepaway Camp movie, I waited patiently for my end moment of Zen..The big moment where I would be shocked...Well...I got this....

                                              Why do the heroes from New Jersey fade away?

Cracking aside, the film was cheeseball fun. What lacked in suspense was made up by cornball acting, pretty good kill scenes, Springsteen's effective turn as the killer. Sadly, this movie could have been better..alot better in terms of depth...Btw, what is up with a horror film referring to other horror films???? That never works!!!! Anyway, take Sleepaway Camp for what it is: an 80s slasher orgy :-)

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