Saturday, May 5, 2012

DBH Re-Visits:Maniac(1980)

By Eric Polk-
It was a weird double feature at my house this past Thursday evening. First, I was subjected to The Smurfs. Throughout the movie, I prayed for the interruption of Godzilla....I didn't get my wish.

After that finally ended, it was my turn for a selection. After telling Jo(my wife) about some new dvds I recently received, she thought Maniac would pique her interest. Ahhh, you just have to love marriage.
Anyhoo, this 1980 horror exploitation classic in which Joe Spinell as Frank Zito stalks the streets of NYC(not to break this up but I told Jo imagine the little blue creeps surviving Times Square during this period) killing young, nubile women for wigs still resonates with me as a great killer's P.O.V. film

Joe Spinell is right on the mark as an evil incarnate tortured by the memories of long dead mother. He's  a monster and yet you could almost sympathize with him. And who can forget Tom Savini and the famous shotgun scene. The only real flaws in this are the relationship between Joe and Carol Munroe. It has little build-up and chemistry between the two. Also, the ending just really doesn't go anywhere. Sure, he's haunted by his guilt but you don't see really happens to him(other than the fact he's alive for the planned sequel).

Recently, it's been brought to my attention that Elijah Wood is starring in the remake of said film. I honestly do not see how he can convince me that he'll do a better job than the late Joe Spinell. I just can't.

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