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Coverage of the 9th OSS Cleveland Charity Zombie Walk!

Photo by Ryan Kaczmarski
If you're an avid reader of Dollar Bin Horror, then you already know my obsession with zombie walks. I've been to five so far, all of which have been hosted by the fantastic local horror movie production company Old School Sinema. Every one of them has seemed to be better than the last, and this one was no exception. So what made this one better? A multitude of things!

Photo by Hope Burger
The main reason is the walk's whole purpose, to help feed the hungry. Over the years, the Cleveland zombies have helped raise thousands of pounds of food and a lot of money for Harvest for Hunger. Even with temperatures in the 40's and cold rain coming down, over 500 zombies showed up, braving the cold for a great cause!

Photo by Ryan Kaczmarski
The The second is that every year, the event is sponsored by a new film coming out soon (Jackass 3D, The Thing, and A Nightmare on Elmstreet to name a few). This year it was Dark Shadows (a film I am VERY eager to see!). Free passes to see an early screening this Monday were handed out to a few lucky zombies (and you bet I snagged one! review coming Tuesday) and people had the chance to take a photo with the "Family" (I swear if I had a truck, that cutout of Depp would be sitting in my room!). But the coolest thing about it is that a photo of all of us is being sent to the premier of the film (which I personally think it's pretty awesome that in a little way, Cleveland zombies will be there in spirit with the likes of Burton and Depp).

Photo by Steveggs Geeker
The third is the music! Two bands played, and I feel real bad because for the life of me I cannot remember the name of the first bad (they were a really good metal style band and if anyone who was there knows, someone tell me! I liked them!). The second band was Lords of the Highway, who were on hand to shoot a music video using zombies from the walk (the image above is a little bit of what they shot. When the video is done, I'll post it as well!).

Photo by Ginger Rose
Who wouldn't want a Zombie Massage? This I must say was a first for me, to see an Undead Massage Therapist! The fine folks from Zombissage were on hand to ease the stress of the apocalypse. I really wish I would have gotten one! These folks can be seen at horror conventions, zombie walks, and other horror events. Look em up HERE!

Photo by Ryan Kaczmarski
One of the highlights of the walk for me had to be meeting a fellow horror blogger, of whom I've been a HUGE fan of even before I started DBH! Jason Nagy from the kick ass blog was on hand selling some fantastic horror goodies! The image below just shows of one of the MANY horror themed collectibles he had on hand. He was so nice and friendly to everyone and I had a great chat with him about horror, blogging, and a whole bunch of other stuff. A complete gentleman, he's also agreed to be on our next episode of DBH Radio, so listen out for him!
Photo by Steveggs Geeker

Photo by Ryan Kaczmarski
And of course, you can't have a real zombie walk without a few survivors, trying aimlessly to save humanity from our overwhelming might! You can learn all about the awesome group known as the The Z.E.R.O.S. (Zombie Eradication & Rescue Operations Squad) by clicking HERE!

Photo by Ryan Kaczmarski
But the greatest thing about this particular zombie walk is the PEOPLE! When I went to my first Cleveland zombie walk, I didn't know anyone! But that doesn't seem to matter here, because within 10 minutes, everyone is your friend! It doesn't matter if they know your name or not, as long as you love the undead, the undead love you! Now that I've been to five of these walks, I know a lot more faces and mingle a lot more than I did before. But It's always fun to meet new people and show them that they belong! Friendly faces and great times make the Cleveland walk a special place to just be yourself and have fun without worrying if you look ok or fit in enough.

Photo by Rick Uldricks (In the center is Joe, creator of OSS and the man in charge of the Zombie Walk)

And we can't forget how special our gorgeous zombies are! A big thanks to the fabulous make up artists who were on hand to do makeup for a lot of the zombies. Fantastic job!

Photo by Jessika Gosen
Our zombies come in all colors...

Photo by Jessika Gosen
All Ages...
Photo by Jessika Gosen
Hell, even Flo from the Progressive commercials showed up!

Photo by Andrea Zee

And of course, there's always a funny story to be had (This guy SOMEHOW didn't know about the zombie walk and freaked out! You gotta LOVE him!!!)

Photo by  FreeMoviesCleve
Old School Sinema knows zombies, and knows how to throw one hell of a party! I'm already pumped and waiting for the next walk! If you're a zombie lover who may be in or are coming to the Cleveland area soon, here's a list of all the upcoming Old School Sinema zombie events!

July 14: ZOMBIE BOWLING at Mahall’s in Lakewood (NIGHT EVENT). Tickets will be limited. Watch the OSS page for updates/flier and details

Fall 2012

10th OLD SCHOOL SINEMA Cleveland Charity ZOMBIE WALK NOTE: This is going to be MUCH bigger (being our 10th Zombie Fest) with much more entertainment, vendors and more exciting things to turn this into an all-day event with more variety than ever before.


You can keep up with all the action on the OSS facebook page (CLICK HERE) or their BRAND NEW site launching this month,!

Also, a big thanks to all the photographers who showed up to take these amazing photos! Links to their facebooks and/or sites can be found under each image.


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