Friday, April 27, 2012

DBH Article:Eric's Ten Favorite Horror Films, 6-10

By Eric Polk-
Sup Reaps...Eric here...Since haven't watched any movies since Schizo and don't plan to before Sunday, I thought I'd throw out Part I of my ten favorite horror films. Now keep in mind, these are my favorites. They may not necessarily be the greatest horror films even made(though some are) but  my criteria for the ten are this:1)Was I highly entertained? 2)Does this film get me excited when I talk about it? 3)Do I have a t-shirt from the movie?....Ok, the third is reaching but with the movie at #10, I do have the shirt:-)

10)Tombs of the Blind Dead-To knock the original Friday the 13th off my list is an accomplishment. The first in the "Blind Dead" quadrilogy, TOTBD, takes the zombie concept and throws it into medieval imagery with the dead Knight's Templar causing havoc to a trio of young people which soon spreads inland. What I love is the visual imagery, the sense of impending doom as the dead rise for the first time, the nasty torture scene. It all came together to make one hell of a good horror film.

9)Slaughter High-My favorite cheeseball 80s slasher. What's not to love about a scarred nerd seeking revenge on his former classmates? It's got all you need for a fantastic movie of this subgenre. Boobs, blood, humor, and an annoying yet entertaining theme song.

8)Silence of the Lambs-It is that rare instance where the movie is actually better than the book it's based on. Never have I seen before or after a chemistry like the one between Clarice Starling and Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Whether you want to debate if this movie is a horror movie(it is, imo), there is no denying this film is memorable in all ways possible.

7)Demons-For 90 mins, you are treated to an almost pure bloodbath. This movie takes NO prisoners when it comes to killing, gore, transformations, rocking 80s music. I can watch this movie over and over again and not get tired of it. If you want to learn how to take a horror movie over the top and still be awesome, watch this!

6)Halloween(1978)-I had a hell of a debate with myself as to whether I should put this in my top 5. But after much deliberation, I put this movie in at #6. To many, this is the conception to which the slasher movie was birthed. I tend to disagree with that, but I can't think of a more tension-laden, suspenseful, dark film than this. It's Alfred Hitchcock 2.0. It's also a great movie to introduce a non-horror fan into our evil world :-)

There you have it. To answer any comments yins may leave. Yes, I'm crazy to put the movies where I put them. I left out (Fill in the Blank), and this is a crappy list, lol...Look for Part II of this article on Wednesday. GOODNIGHT NOW!

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