Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hand Made Horror Ring Giveaway!

I usually post a new giveaway every two weeks, but this week I was stumped on what to giveaway. I wanted to do something different but as usual, I'm broke as all hell (donations are welcome!). I found a few cool VHS movies at a yard sale, but wasn't sure if they'd be popular giveaway items (if you'd like to win some, let me know and I've got the next contest in the bag!). So I thought why not make something special? I mean, they say that homemade gifts have more meaning, right? So reaplings, I decided to make something extra special for this contest...

These are handmade clay rings made by yours truly! I used air drying clay (kinda feels a bit like foam), some candy machine rings (always recycling), and superglue (the liquid duct tape!). I see rings like this all the time on Etsy selling for anywhere between $10 and $20, but one lucky DBH reader can get one for FREE! All you have to do is leave a comment to this post with your name, email, and which ring you want OR email me at with the subject line "HORROR RING CONTEST" and include your  name, email, and which ring you want. You can choose from Jason, Billy the puppet, Chucky, or a Zombie ring. One entry per person! The winner will be chosen on March 21st during that night's episode of Dollar Bin Horror Radio. Good Luck! (and seriously, let me know about the VHS idea. They're not new, but work great and the film is awesome!)


Anonymous said...



Patti Cooney said...

Awesome rings!!!

Definitely Jason for me!


Chriss said...

The puppet came out nice but Jason is definitely still my favorite.


MendiMayhem said...

Jason or Billy (that's the Saw puppets name, right?)

Malenda Mayfield

P.S. I love VHS!

Dave D-O-Double-G said...

All four are awesome but definitely Jason for me!!

Real Queen of Horror said...

How awesome! Jason looks the snazziest!